Chris Rock Suggests Comics Give Cut To Michael Jackson

Chris Rock was on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday to preview his Oscar hosting gig next weekend and was asked about Michael Jackson’s current situation. “Michael Jackson. Oh, God. You know, all comedians should send Michael Jackson a check,” Rock responded. “You know, all comedians — you know, if you give your agent $10, Michael should get $3. Right? I always wonder, when Michael Jackson goes to a park, does he, like, send balloons over to the kids or something? Like, you know, ‘The king of pop would like to meet you.’ [Laughter and applause] You see Michael in the sand box waiting…”

Jackson Better Show Up In Court After Flu Delay

February 22, 2005 – Jury experts tell The New York Daily News that Michael Jackson would be well-advised to be in court later today after the singer called out sick with the flu last week, forcing a delay in the jury selection in his child molestation case. “Jurors don’t like delays. He’s really expending a lot of good will very early on,” said Loyola Law School Prof. Laurie Levenson.

Disney Working On ‘Peter Pan’ Prequel

February 22, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “According to Variety, Disney is now working on a a prequel to ‘Peter Pan.’ In this one, Peter Pan tries to recover a trunkful of magical stuff before it can fall in the hands of the Santa Barbara District Attorney. … As you know, Michael Jackson out of the hospital. That’s the good news. Doctors say in a couple of days he should be completely back to abnormal. So that’s good news.”

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