Christian Slater’s Wife Defends Ben Affleck

Christian Slater’s wife Ryan Haddon tells Us Weekly that Ben Affleck did not cheat on fiance Jennifer Lopez with any strippers. “Ben did not cheat,” she said in response to the Enquirer claim. “Ben was listening to music, hanging out, talking to people, that’s it.” Haddon added that Affleck, a recovering alcoholic, never drank any alcohol. The mag also says Affleck took a urine test July 29th, which came back clean of drugs and alcohol.

Ben Affleck Admits ‘Gigli’ Didn’t Work

August 5, 2003 – Ben responded to the poor box office opening ‘Gigli’ received to Army Archerd for his column in Daily Variety. “The movie didn’t work,” Ben admitted. “You work just as hard on a good movie as on a bad one. We tried to fix it. But it was like putting a fish’s tail on a donkey’s head.” Ben also commented on what it felt like to hear the build-up of all those scathing reviews. “I feel like we were caught in the eye of a storm — an earthquake that starts at sea and by the time it reaches the shore it’s!” Still, Ben told Army that he and fiance Jennifer Lopez aren’t completely opposed to the idea of co-starring together again.

Jennifer Lopez Gives Ben A Piece Of Her Mind

August 5, 2003 – The Chicago Sun-Times reports Ben Affleck reportedly jumped on a private jet and flew from Vancouver to Jennifer’s Winnipeg filming site for ‘Shall We Dance’ to be with her when news of the Enquirer story broke. Apparently, he smoothed it over, though a source on the set said, ”I think she did give him quite a piece of her mind… He looked a bit hangdog when he flew back to Vancouver,” where he is filming ‘Paycheck’ with Uma Thurman.

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