Christian TV Discusses ‘When She Turns 18’

Tatiana Diana of hung out with backstage at ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, where he talked about his single ‘When She Turns 18’, calling the track her song for summer, and the story behind his name Christian TV.

As for Britney Tweeting about him, Christian said, “Yeah, she said (‘When She Turns 18’) is her favorite song of the summer, my song I’m doing tonight.”

“It’s about a situation of a older guy with a younger girl, or even the situation flip flopped with a younger girl and older guy, from both perspectives,” explained the artist, whose name is Christian Berishaj. “It’s a story about that that everybody has been in and there’s a lot of kids right now waiting to turn 18 and a lot that have already been through it.”

Watch the interview below.

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One thought on “Christian TV Discusses ‘When She Turns 18’

  1. FoS Clone says:


    major league creepster.

    We all no what music is.
    then there was muzak.
    and Christian has defined a new genre – — musuk.

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