‘Christina Aguilera’ Album Review

'Christina Aguilera' album cover

Reviewer: BadGirl4Life

Her first, self-titled debut album, has proved to be somewhat of a hit. this young girl has talent, and determination, and will be successful, in years to come.

1. Genie In A Bottle – 1st hit. You will probably know it. 10/10

2. What A Girl Wants – 2nd hit. Beautiful Song, showing off her vocal talent. 10/10

3. I Turn To You – 3rd hit. Amazing vocals, sung with emotion. 10/10

4. So Emotional – A sort of Pop/R&B track. Worth listening to. 10/10

5. Come on Over – 4th hit. A great pop, bouncy track. This version has no rap though. 10/10

6. Reflection – Sung when Christina was only 17, for the Disney film, Mulan. A beautiful song, showing off her vocals once again. 10/10

7. Love For All Seasons – Listenable, but just a bit bit boring. I usually skip this track. 8/10

8. Somebody’s Somebody – This song is about 5 minutes long, and the intro and ending are kind of pointless, but listen to it anyway. Pop/R&B. 10/10

9. When You put Your Hands On Me – A sweet and sexy sort of song. Pop/R&B – 9.5/10

10. Blessed – A bit corny, but sweet. A nice, slow song. 10/10

11. Love Will Find A Way – A very American Track, worth listening to. A happy, cheesy song. – 9/10

12. Obvious – A good way to end the album. A nice slow song, with plenty of emotion.

Overall, this is great for Christina’s first album. – 10/10.

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