Christina Aguilera And Britney Spears ‘Change Roles’

is featured on the cover of the July issue of Elle magazine, where she laughed off the latest tabloid stories about herself. One claimed shes engaged to her boyfriend, Jordan Bratman, who works for her manager Irving Azoff. “I dont know how that rumor came about”, she said, swearing it isnt true. “The funniest thing about it is… because I changed my hair color to caramel, I’m reading these headlines, ‘from dirrty to demure’ and ‘from crass to class’. It was cracking me up. Like, ‘her newfound love’, a ‘love make over’. It’s like give me a fu**ing break! Now Britney’s the bad girl running wild and I am good girl in love, cleaning up. This is their new angle. We’ve changed roles, good girl and bad girl! It’s so funny!”

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