Christina Aguilera And Her Pop Counterparts

Contributed anonymously:

First off, I want to say that I am somewhat biased because I do love Christina but I do have albums by Britney and Beyonce. I come to this site a lot and read the comments about Christina, and I realized that the stuff you say you hate her for is the exact same thing you are doing to her. She has never really “bashed” Britney or Beyonce Knowles; she simply gave her opinion on Britney and stated a fact about Beyonce. No one can deny that those two don’t lip-synch their performances. That’s all Christina said about Beyonce. As for her opinion on Britney, I think Christina is justified is saying what she said. With this whole marriage thing Britney does look like a lost little girl who needs serious guidance.

I also think it’s unfair that Eminem goes around slandering everyone and he is praised for having the balls to do so. This once again proves Christina’s point about double standards in society. And for the thing, you people mean to say that Christina can’t defend herself against Kelly who has said nothing but bad things about her.

Now, back to the Britney vs. Christina saga. I don’t think Britney is really the Queen of Pop Music. The only thing that she’s known for is album sales. Christina has been way more successful with her MUSIC. She’s the one with 5 number 1 singles while Brit only has 1. When it comes to album sales, yes Britney has sold more than Christina but Christina’s albums are generally better than Britney’s.

I know Brit fans get tired of hearing this, but Christina’s voice is a something that can’t be touched. Contrary to what you may believe Christina’s voice is 10x more powerful than Mariah’s. Mariah only has high notes to rely on and they get quite grating after a while. The point is Christina is definitely outshining her pop counterpart at this moment. Brit has the awards that mean almost nothing, while Christina has the more meaningful awards. The girl has like 3 Grammy’s and god knows how many other awards.

She is definitely cementing herself as the next biggest thing in music. Her clothes are on, her videos are becoming more artistic, her vocals are becoming stronger, the praises are greater and Christina is the Queen.

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