Christina Aguilera And The Tour

First off this is not meant to bash anyone, these are my opinions and thoughts and I stand by them 100%, although some might not agree, others might, you are all entitled to think and feel the way you want to, and who am I to force my views on anyone. After saying this.

As many of you know cancelled her summer tour with Chingy, due to strained vocal cords. Since she first came on the scene in 1998 (on the ‘Mulan’ soundtrack) it’s been all about the voice. Being compared to and , she has made an extraordinary living being known as the little girl with the big voice. Over the years she’s dealt with both praise and contempt, at times critics have said she’s great, out of the word, then there are times when they say she goes to far, tries too hard. If you followed her career from the beginning, you would know that she has had a history of throat problems. In ‘99-‘00 she was unable to go overseas and she cancelled her South American promo tour. In ‘00-‘01 she cancelled a handful of dates, just this past winter she had to call off a few while in Europe. When a person sings as hard and as often as she does, and they have a well documented past battling health problems, it wouldn’t be wise for her to go on tour against doctors orders.

A typical concert is like 2 hours, in that time she sings 95% and what she doesn’t the backup singers take care of it. That’s 2 plus hours a night, because remember most artist do sound check. 4 concerts a week for 6 weeks, that’s tremendous pressure on the voice. Then you have to do press and media events, most people know that all that talking isn’t good for the voice. , even stated that she goes weeks without talking, in an effort to preserve her voice.

Critics say that rest can heal this problem, on average it takes about a month. If she took a month off to rest, that would leave 2 weeks, what’s the point of doing 2 weeks, but some say she can reschedule, you have to remember that the summer concert season is the biggest it’s been in a long time. So even if she did reschedule, the earliest it can possibly happen would be some time in the fall. By that time ‘Stripped’ will be well over 2 years old and she’ll be over it and so will some fans.

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