Christina Aguilera: Angel In Disguise

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Underneath the heavy make-up, beneath the slutty clothes, and beyond her labelled “offensive” persona lies an amazing and miss-understood girl that I identify with completely. Christina Maria Aguilera didn’t have an easy life. She had to deal with both physical and emotional abuse right along with being taunted at school. Fortunately, she made the negative into positive by using her beautiful talent of singing and giving birth to “Stripped”.

When I first heard ‘Stripped’, I was completely inspired by the message she was sending of self-worth and not being afraid to be yourself. It got a little easier for me to get through the bad days each time i listened to her words. I love Christina because she is so honest and real. She didn’t just throw these songs together for the sake of selling records, and I can tell that she really means every word she sings. Read on for only a FEW of her messages.

“Everyday is so wonderful, then suddenly, it’s hard to breathe.. now and then i get insecure, from all the pain.. I’m so ashamed.. but I am beautiful no matter what they say..”

“feeling confined like I’m being force fed, my vision’s blurry and I’m lost in regret.. it’s overload and I’m outta control.. so sick and tired of being misused, you’re taking me down with all your mental abuse..”

“the boy who wonders is he good enough for them.. keeps trying to please them all but he just never seems to fit in.. then there’s the girl who thinks she’ll never ever be good enough for him.. keeps trying to change and that’s a game she’ll never win..”

“Don’t be scared to fly alone, find a path that is your own”

“Young girl don’t cry, I’ll be right here when your world starts to fall.. young girl it’s alright, your tears will dry you’ll soon be free to fly”

“When there’s no one else.. look inside yourself..”

“I was naive, your love was like candy, artificially sweet, I was deceived by the wrapping, got caught in your web, and i learned how to bleed, I was prey in your bed and devoured completely”

“I often wonder why I carry all this guilt, when it’s you that’s help me put up all these walls I’ve built..”

“I believe they can take anything from me but they can’t succeed in taking my inner peace from, they can say all they wanna say about me, but I’m gonna carry on.. I’m gonna keep on singing my song..”

Those of you who actually bothered reading this, i know you’re probably bitching about how my sob.. or SUCCESS story doesn’t matter to you, and that’s okay. There are a TON of other life-saving lyrics in “Stripped” that have kept so many people such as myself.. from ending it all.

May God bless my ~Angel~

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11 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera: Angel In Disguise

  1. Madfan says:

    Very true. “Stripped” is one of the best CDs of all time. I always play it when I need inspiration (“Can’t Hold Us Down,” “Fighter,” and “Cruz”).

  2. breez says:

    Hey that was sweet. I don’t own the album, but I’ve heard it and she has definitely earned my respect. Its really good that her words can have that effect on you.

  3. HoneyRain says:

    “Stripped” really is an incredible and awesome album.. I’ve never been suicidal but I’ve definitely benefited from its messages.. I think it’s even more great because I know that Christina is singing about personal experiences of hers.. she’s human and goes through the same things we do.. I think people should look pass her exterior and give her album and talent the respect it deserves

  4. Nothing2Lose says:

    Her album is amazing. Each song has truth and depth to it. Whether it is ‘The Voice Within’ to ‘Infatuation.’ They all speak of experiences, emotions, etc. I really believe that her album does not get enough credit. I mean we all know she can sing but she is not limited to just a voice. She made some pretty powerful and emotional songs. She has a great way of capturing her words onto paper and also being a visionary for how the songs will be composed. If you have not bought that album I really recommend it. I mean, she can relate and connect to a broad range of audiences. Props to Christina!

  5. xoinnocentjrtgrl says:

    Wow… everything you just said was true. Christina writes her songs based on things that have actually happened to her, from being abused, to being in love, to breaking up. And even writing about not feeling beautiful. She writes from her heart.. and she bares all when she writes, and performs. She’s come a long ways and it makes her an angel, and an inspiration, and even a role model. I look up to her because she’s herself. She’s not self centered and she doesn’t care what other people think. She’s comfortable with herself. Stripped was an amazing album. It had a way of making fans communicate with her. It made you wanna cry, for songs like “I’m Ok”, make you smile and cry for “Beautiful”, “The Voice Within”. And it makes you angry.

  6. xtinarox says:

    Yup Christina is sure a talented one who knows how to express herself through her songs. “Beautiful” was written by Linda Perry..and I love that Christina sang this song..her songs inspire millions of people everyday..and even in interviews, she tells what she thinks without hesitation…Finally, I agree that “Stripped” is a cool album..i also hope that her new music video, “The Voice Within” will debut on TV very well and inspire more people all over the world. I know the video is kind of boring if you first watch it..but more you will be more inspired and get more focused on the simplicity..and how Christina wants to deliver her will get more focused on her voice and soul.

  7. Britneyforever says:


  8. rachel says:

    So true Anonymous, I love Stripped. I can definitely relate to Christina. Its funny when her first album came out, I only thought she had a good voice and I basically wasn’t really fan, not interested in the whole genie crap because no one could relate to it. I became the biggest Christina fan when she released Stripped, wouldn’t dress like her but I sure do relate to her life and struggles.

  9. HoneyRain says:

    You may be tired of hearing about Christina’s past.. but at least it has helped someone else get through their PRESENT.. and for that I am proud of Christina. She didn’t let the comments of hate-filled people keep her from voicing her feelings.. Christina is a wonderful person and her “Stripped” album is proof of that.

  10. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    I don’t give a damn she may have been abused when she was younger. I mean, at first she was saying it was just screaming and it was her parents now all of a sudden she’s saying she was beat. Just because she was thrown down the stairs once doesn’t give her a right to be a sexist. There’s millions of kids WAY WORSE OFF than her. She was taunted at school?! Again, MILLIONS of kids are. Christina isn’t special. And it’s great that she kept you alive, but for other people (like me) there’s nothing special about her sob story. She is looking for pity, as is her mother.

  11. hotstuff says:

    Stripped confused the hell out of me. the track listing was so whack. In the song Loving Me 4 Me she’s practically saying how lucky she is to have a b/f that accepts her for her and then in Impossible she sings ‘Its Impossible to love you’. and also Under-appreciated- well that’s pretty self explanatory. Make Over was messed and Cruz and Soar basically had the same message only w/ different song titles. The majority of the songs are about self-acceptance and then I hear 2 which are about casual sex (GMGY/Dirrty) and then the next track ‘The Voice Within’ and I’m like wtf? what kind of message are you trying to get out Christina? and honestly, Stripped is the kind of album that you should b putting out when your fully developed as an artist. Stripped should have been the equivalent of Mariah’s Charmbracelet…when Christina is at Mariah’s age and point in her career, that’s when she should have released it. just my biased opinion.

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