Christina Aguilera As Role Model Needed Too

Ruth Ann Daily of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette weighed in on after the singer visited the Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, donating $200,000. She writes, “Promoting hedonism in exchange for personal gain implies a cynicism or thoughtlessness at odds with Aguilera’s generous heart. Her monetary gift will immediately change some women’s and children’s lives for the better, but disavowing the degrading lyrics and images she has lately been selling would be a gift with a reach far beyond Pittsburgh. Perhaps in this new year, new wisdom will lead her to put her mouth where her money is.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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10 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera As Role Model Needed Too

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    Christina’s great, and I know most people think she’s a *****, but I just think they don’t understand her. She really is a sweet person.

  2. HugeXtinaFan says:

    Christina is the most fantastic person out there I think people need to lay off her I mean come on she gave all that money away there is a lot of people who wouldn’t do that and I really think its up to her how she dresses and behaves.

  3. getalifeyall says:

    I think if Christina wanted to give something back to children, she should give them a positive role model to look up to. And no, not a puppet or a naive cookie cutter, but maybe someone who didn’t dress so raunchy or want to be considered dirrty. Someone who didn’t insult others when she felt insecure. I don’t think Britney’s a good role model either sometimes, so I’m not just dissin Christina. I just think Christina has one of the best voices ever and she could make a lot of people feel better about themselves and give back a lot more often and she wasn’t so concerned with pleasing herself all the time.

  4. guess says:

    she had way more feel good and respect yourself songs or whatever there called than songs like dirty and get mine get yours and without them it would just be another album were people are too scared to say everything that they feel.the album wouldn’t be anywhere near as good without the other songs. I think it all works nicely together and that it was very generous and thoughtful to give so much money away to people who helped her.

  5. Jive says:

    That was such a good thing for her to do. It was not anything to make her look good. And 200,000 dollars is a huge donation in comparisons to other stars who doantes. That really shows she cares.

  6. myhead says:

    i commend any PERSON – celebrity or not who give of themselves – time, money, talent to assist others… I was a bit surprised at this column, seeing that when one is abused it has nothing to do with what they wear, or did it is a problem that lies soley in the ABUSER

  7. nicoleXtina says:

    degrading lyrics? has this person ever listened to stripped? There are only two sexy songs on the album of 20. The rest are all about believing yourself and confidence. I hate how people judge her for the dirrty song.

  8. xtina_rulz says:

    Didn’t Christina already say that she was gonna make her new album more about the voice. And anyway this article doesn’t even make sense. Look at the sentence “Promoting hedonism in exchange for personal gain implies a cynicism or thoughtlessness at odds with Aguilera’s generous heart” hedonism=belief in pleasure as the highest good and humankind’s proper aim OR behaviour based on this. (I looked it up in the dictionary cos I’ll admit it I didn’t know what it meant) Anyway how exactly is promoting pleasure imply a thoughtlessness at odds wi her generosity. Why can’t you be hedonistic and generous at the same time. PS- Happy New year ppl. Its new year already here in the uk. Wen is it gonna be new year where you r?( I know its already been the new year in Australia 4 like 13 hours) I have to go be somebody’s first foot now. Do they have first foots in other countries aswell or is it just in Scotland?

  9. jimmypee says:

    what a pr*ck. her album is inspirational, and unlike flopney, she doesn’t go to the kids choice awards trying to keep her kiddie fans. she’s an adult with mature music.

  10. meteora says:

    Christina is a generous person when she wants to be, and she’s kind of a loner in this music business, she’s the lady who speaks her mind and doesn’t give a ***** about other celebrities. Shes tough because her childhood made her tough. Her childhood was awful, she practically didn’t have any. ANd that made a great impact on her and her future. I like Christina and always will, she deserves what she has now because she worked really hard for it

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