Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears Success Despite Haters

Contributed anonymously:

I am doing what I promised never to do, and hated seeing, but I am writing an essay. I am doing this because I am simply fed up with people saying and ’s latest albums are flops and coming up with other fictional reasons for the mishaps in these stars lives.

First I am wondering what exactly you all consider a success? I am a music business major @ Columbia, and I know first hand what kind of REAL trouble the business is in right now. To sell over a million records right now is the greatest thing in the world. It takes basically a million records just for an artist to break even for their record company. Anything after a million is usually profit. Now I am not sure of exact numbers, but I have read your post and some state Britney’s “In The Zone” album at 3+ million stateside and Christina is 7 million worldwide? You know I fail to see where either of these ladies are a flop? Granted their earlier albums like “Baby One More Time” & “Christina Aguilera” have both sold well over 10 million stateside, “Stripped” & “In The Zone” ARE NOT flops! Ever single artist & group is struggling in the industry right now, some of the biggest names ever are getting dropped from their labels. Artist are struggling just to hit that 1 million records sold…but to some of you 3+ million or 7 million records sold is a failure?

As for the whole Christina tour being canceled, I fully believe it is her vocal chords that are messed up, and the reason for her canceling the whole tour. Christina is an amazing singer, but she does not sing properly. The way she sings a lot, who wouldn’t think eventually that girl is going to kill her vocal chords? And she very well did with the Justified/Stripped tour. This happened with …beautiful voice…but did NOT sing properly, and she was barley able to make it through the tour. I remember that girl walked around everywhere with a scarf around her throat. Christina needs to learn proper technique, otherwise she is just going to be her own worst enemy.

All I am asking a lot of you is to give these girls, and the rest of the artist and groups in the industry, a break. Stop with “oh their albums flopped,” because neither one of these albums is a failure. STOP hating period. You don’t like them, that’s fine, there are some artists I for sure don’t like. But I still respect them, because this is one business I would NEVER recommend anybody getting into unless they can put their whole heart out there. And anybody who still risks the chances and are out there doing their thing, deserves ALL of our respect.

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