Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears: Who’s More Superior?

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I just wanted to say something about these recent essays that have talked about the “superiority” of Britney Spears and . First of all, this is not a bashing essay. I am not intentionally going to bash either of them for their talents, so calm down for once and don’t make a big deal if I don’t praise Britney or praise Christina. The world won’t come to an end, so you can relax okay.

First of all, Britney is a performer and entertainer. Sure, she’s not the greatest in the world, but she is one nevertheless. Her music is fun and upbeat, and from the start she has always had music that was for audiences that liked simple, upbeat pop that isn’t too deep. To say that she’s a singer, let alone a great one, is a stretch of the truth if you ask me. Her vocals were wonderful from the start, but to say that she’s a great singer to this day while 75% of the time she doesn’t even sing on the track, or sing live, or show her vocals without letting the technology do 85% of the work, well, that’s just being unfair to those artists who actually do sing live and do have better vocals than she does. But still, at the end her music is fun and upbeat. That’s what her fans are looking for in her music. Are they trying to find anything deep in her lyrics? No. Are her lyrics deep? Heck no. Is she trying to put a lump in your throat and tears swell in your eyes from a lyric? No. The fact is, Britney’s music is nothing deep, and it wasn’t meant to be. Britney’s lack of depth in her lyrics are no different than the lack of depthness in the lyrics of Hillary Duff, , Jennifer Lopez, , ’s old tracks, and Usher. Their songs and lyrics are nothing to be writing long analysis over, but still, its great music, and despite their lack of depthness, it has still gained popularity, and at the end, if fans like it, then there you go, enough said.

Now with Christina, obviously it’s no doubt that she has some nice pipes. She can have more variety in her song choices from her range; she can sing upbeat songs, and also sing ballads that have meaning and depth in them. I think with Christina she offers the best of both worlds. I wouldn’t go so far to say that her voice is spectacular or unique, because sometimes I think she lacks a sense of controlling her voice without having to let the high notes go all over the place just to show off (once again Christina fans, calm down, I am not trying to diss her, I’m just being real here). But I think with more practice, she can learn how to sing without always resorting to those high notes that at times can just be unnecessary at certain parts of the song. But nevertheless, people like her because she has a lovely voice that can broad its horizons, and not just remain in one spectrum of music. She can do upbeat tracks, ballads, and a mixture of both. There’s just more to work with in a voice like that. And not only that, her lyrics have more depth to those people who like to listen to music that has a bit more depth. That doesn’t mean that those people are depressed. Sometimes we need to listen to songs that have depth and that make you feel a real emotion of love, sadness, etc., if you are going to make fun of people for just wanting that, then you are not being human, just unnecessarily negative. It’s no different then somebody wanting to read Shakespeare sonnets rather than reading the newest rumor about the recent breakup of a Hollywood couple. But sometimes we need to listen to songs that are fun and upbeat to get away from the seriousness of our daily lives, so that’s way its also good that Christina can offer those things. All in all, if you like Britney and her music, great, but that doesn’t mean you need to diss those who would rather listen to music that has a bit more depth and variety in the content of the lyrics. And if you like Christina, you don’t necessarily need to diss those that would rather listen to more upbeat dance songs than deep, mature lyrics. I mean c’mon, its just music, you don’t have to like what they do or the lifestyles they make to enjoy it.

As for whose more “superior,” well I think it’s a double edged sword. First of all, its kind of unfair to call Britney “superior” because she sells more records, when fans for a fact (and for some reason don’t acknowledge) that Britney has sold a new album year after year, while Christina released one every two years or so. So yeah, if it makes you happy, it’s safe to say that she’s “superior” over Christina in terms of record sales simply for the fact that she has released more albums. Enough said.
And to say that Britney is more “superior” when it comes to her music, while half of her vocals are drowned by technology, and quite frankly, she just doesn’t have a spectacular voice to brag about, while Christina’s voice are far more advanced than Britney’s, is just unfair. I just don’t see what reason there is to praise somebody who only uses their voice 75% of the time and doesn’t even offer a live performance to her fans next to an artist who actually sings live and has better vocals. It’s just illogical. Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t really care if Britney can sing or not, fine, but whether you like to admit it or not, it’s fair to say that it’s an unfair game to assume that Britney is superior vocally when u know for a fact that she barely uses them. Enough said about that. And as for Christina, it’s a bit pointless to say that she’s superior vocally and lyrically next to Britney, while even the fans know for a fact that Britney knows she doesn’t have a great voice anyway, and it isn’t even her intention to offer deep lyrics like that. If Britney tried to achieve that goal, then maybe it’s fairer to emphasize the fact that she’s not as successful. So at the end, yeah Christina is superior vocally and lyrically, but it’s unfair to diss Britney for not being that way because quite frankly, I doubt she actually cares.

So all in all, I don’t think there is any reason to judge whose more “superior” than another. At the end, the only fair way to judge that is based on each of their strong points, not let one thing as a whole conclude whose more “superior” than whom.

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3 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears: Who’s More Superior?

  1. Alexis says:

    Finally! Someone who understands! For once someone doesn’t just go and say 1 is better than the other. I’m a fan of both, but the battle is pointless. Kudos to you for sorting out the (obvious) truth.

  2. John says:

    I am a Britney fan, and I hate Christina, but that is not anything to do with my love for Britney… anyway I do agree with what a lot you have said however I would like to say that I hate Christina because of her image and I generally don’t like her style, and I like Britney for her voice as I love upbeat electronification so because I love electronificated upbeatness I can say in my unbiased OPINION that I think Britney has the better voice

  3. sky says:

    i think Britney is better. her music is catchy & listenable (if that’s a word), and she’s real charismatic. her voice is quite nice. although her voice isn’t ‘powerful’ (because it was never meant to be) it’s very feminine and she CAN hold her notes. like example, the ballad ‘out from under’ toward the end of the song there’s a little part where she hit that really effective note. Christina’s music is unbearable to listen to. sure, her voice is powerful and challenging and “great” but she hit high notes during unnecessary times. also, she always sounds like she’s about to cry her eyes out. it’s so lame. the only decent song I like by her ‘genie in a bottle’ she doesn’t do that annoying high note much. but yeah, Britney knows what’s up. there’s just something about Britney that makes everything ‘fit’. her music just fits into place. whereas Christina (the great talent) doesn’t have her music in place. so that makes her music unbearable to listen to. it’s like torture to have to hear her sh**. so that’s why I only listen to all her songs (except genie in a bottle) only once.

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