Christina Aguilera Calls Madonna ‘A Great Kisser’

The Sun reports Christina Aguilera’s comments following her on-stage kiss with at the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday night. “Everyone wants to know about that damn kiss,” Aguilera said. “She’s got a very soft lip – and she’s a very lovely kisser. I’ve kissed her numerous times – because at every rehearsal she wanted to do it right on every time.”

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12 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Calls Madonna ‘A Great Kisser’

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    How long are they gonna talk about the whole kissing thing between Madonna, Christina, and Britney? First of all, it was so obvious that it was going to be done, and it only lasted for what, 2 seconds? What’s the big deal? It’s over and done with now, old news!

  2. HoneyRain says:

    oh my goodness.. here we go.. again.. and I’m sure we’re gonna be here again after this.. and again.. and again.. and again. it was a kiss for entertainment and it so obviously entertained millions of people.. and before anyone begins making stupid lesbian accusations.. Britney also stated that her kiss with Madonna was “amazing”. can we PLEASE move on?

  3. Julie816 says:

    Christina is pathetic talking about people keep bringing up the kiss when she’s the one talking about it to get attention. Everyone talks about Britney and Madonna kiss not Christina, so what does she do talk about it. I don’t see Britney and Madonna talking their mouths of about who was shy about kissing or who wanted to kiss who. Madonna and Britney did the kiss and let the media do the rest. As for Christina who can’t get attention even by being a wh8re and admit to kissing girls all the time, she has to talk about the kiss and how she wh8re enough to open her mouth to any stranger. I have to say really classy Christina, not.

  4. babet says:

    we’ve heard this already…………. Madonna’s a good kisser. I’m sure both Britney and Christina enjoyed their performance with Madonna. too bad Britney was more like a prop on stage. lol… Madonna did a lot of kissing that night… Britney …xtina… Eminem……………..she’s such a star. she’s the only one who knows how to start sh** and prove a point at the same time. Christina is following right in her footsteps………but Madonna will always be the queen of pop. and Christina is the reigning princess!

  5. HoneyRain says:

    ^ julie816.. I’m 100% sure she was ASKED about the kiss.. she didn’t volunteer it.. and speaking of people trying to get attention.. let’s put the light on your girl Britney.. now miss spears has always been gun-ho about being “innocent” and a “virgin” and “not smoking”.. until RECENTLY.. she decides to confess everything.. (if you didn’t lie about sh**, wouldn’t have to confess sh**) and it’s not like she HAS to tell us anything.. it’s not our business.. she should have kept her trap shut from the beginning.. anyway.. now she’s embracing this more “mature” and “bad” image.. WHY? because she has a new album coming out.. WHY? because she realizes that teenybop is going out of style.. FAST. when you think about it.. she’s no better than Christina.. especially when it comes to getting attention. people always call Christina a slut for what she wears and how she dances.. but I KNOW I’ve seen Britney bump and grind on stage.. and I KNOW she wears tiny outfits.. (VMAs when she performed “slave4u” she was wearing practically a bikini top and booty shorts).. but Christina is a “whore” for wearing a bikini with chaps.. so stupid.

  6. XtinaFan says:

    lovely? LOVELY?!?!?! I can’t see Christina saying that word, but alright. I guess Christina fans still can’t accept she’s a lesbian. Even after she made out with Madonna. And made out with her friend on MTV Diary. And said she wanted to date Angelina Jolie. And wants to f**k Britney. get out of denial, fans. Christina is coming out of the closet, she’s OUT of denial, but you kids are still in denial.

    and at least when Britney was talking about kissing Madonna, she didn’t give every freaking’ lesbian detail. Christina, nobody needs to know about how good of a kisser she was…or if her lips were soft or not…or how many times you made out with her. TMI.

  7. babet says:

    Britney kissed Madonna too. so I guess she’s a lesbian. just look how “excited” she sounded after the performance. I think that was just one too many orgasmic expressions. and besides….since Britney is so good at keeping secrets………it might just seem like she’s hiding something else………….she’s still hasn’t admitted that her boobs are FAKE. liar liar come out of the closet.

  8. Julie816 says:

    (if you didn’t lie about sh**, wouldn’t have to confess sh**) You should talk. Christina who said she wanted to show girls that it’s ok for women to be confident and not have to be revealing or wear a lot of make-up in her vibe interview. Then show goes and does dirrty to get attention which she started to say was the real her. Then when people started to call her a “real” wh8re she says it was for attention. Christina should be the one making up her mind is her a real wh8re or is it for attention either way she’s a wh8re or a publicity wh8re. Christina is not just a hypocrite like Britney, but she’s a phony hypocrite. Britney doesn’t act ghetto like Christina. “My album is going to drop this week. It’s going ta be da bomb”

  9. XtinaFan says:

    I’m so disgusted at the fact that Christina WANTED to make out with Madonna at the beginning. At least Britney was shy and hesitant about it. what kind of SICKO wouldn’t be shy and hesitant about making out with a married 45 year-old woman that has two children? I don’t blame Britney at all. This doesn’t make her “not daring” it just makes her sensible.

  10. hotstuff says:

    sorry, Christina trying to establish herself as a performer and her fans doing the same doesn’t give. I’m not trying to cause that crazy bull sh*t here btw. the 2 but she’s an ALL AROUND singer. not a performer, not an entertainer because entertainers are the ones who focus on the visual element of performing and those who’ve been on the stage all their life, not just 4 the singing. but the only thing Xtina’s endeavored in her life is singing, so therefore she’s just a singer. some1 like Madonna is the performer who practically grew up on the stage like Britney, Janet etc, IMO..

  11. HoneyRain says:

    hotstuff.. if you insist that Christina isn’t a performer.. then Britney isn’t a singer and that means she should get her butt out of the MUSIC business.. doesn’t it? I sincerely think Christina can make it without dancing at all and just singing.. but Britney couldn’t do sh** without singing or attempting to sing. since she’s so bent on being a performer.. she should just become a full blown dancer.. right? and by the way.. every time Christina or anyone steps on stage.. they are “performing”

  12. hotstuff says:

    Britney isn’t much of a singer, Britney knows that and I know it and I admit it. But if you hear for ex. Like A Virgin by Madonna or Control by Janet you would have thought ‘They can’t sing either because they can’t belt out a tune’ but look @ em now, with just as much success as those with the traditional powerhouse voices. Being a performer doesn’t mean you just have to b a good dancer, no, there’s so much more to it than that. When you see that artist on the stage, you have to automatically click with them and they connect with you. and that’s what Britney does 4 me when I went to her concert. The fact that when she’s on that stage working it and just TOTALLY mesmerizing you is indeed TALENT. her stage presence, charisma and ability to make it seem that when she’s up there, she’s only performing 4 you is talent. and yeah when they are up there they’re technically ‘performing’ because you wouldn’t know how else to call it but that doesn’t make them performers. Britney has studied a lot of aspects of entertainment, she’s a dancer, singer, former gymnast, actress etc. but this is in IMO..

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