Christina Aguilera Could Play 50s Pin-up In Biopic

Christina Aguilera racing

The Sun reports is hoping to play ’50s pin-up Jeanne Carmen in a biopic of her life, competing against Catherine Zeta-Jones and Scarlett Johansson to land the saucy role.

The story at has since been removed.

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3 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Could Play 50s Pin-up In Biopic

  1. MusicTodayBlows says:

    Christina’s obsession with all of this retro stuff is getting kind of weird.

  2. Mimi4Lyfe says:

    Bwhahahahahaha! This ho Slutina thinks she has the acting chops to go up against well respected actresses like Catherine Zeta and Scarlett Jo?? LOL-I wish I could be there to see the look on the dumb ho’s face when she is laughed at and turned down for the role. Dumb B*tch

  3. soar541 says:

    Are you that jealous? It didn’t say she was auditioning. It said she was being CONSIDERED. This means they’re actually thinking about giving her the role. I agree that she can’t hold a candle to such great actresses, and I’m not saying she should get the part, but for the love of God, why are you so militant? This definitely shows some jealousy or insecurity on your part. Get over yourself unless you actually know what you’re talking about, which I sense you don’t.

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