Christina Aguilera ‘Dirrty’ Video Review

Contributed by alissimo:

I live in Switzerland and just saw the clip of Christina. It is the best clip ever! Okay, first you see Redman and Christina’s mouth. You don’t see her face, you just see her mouth. Then Christina puts on this awesome motorcycle jacket and starts riding the motorcycle. You see her mouth, then her nose and then her beautiful eyes. She goes in a cage and stands there. They let the cage down to a boxing ring. Christina goes out and starts to dance awesome. Her dancing got so good. Then she sits in a corner of the ring and has her legs opened the whole time ;-).

You see Christina dancing and taking her shirt off (she has got something on under it). On the back side of her pants it says “nasty” ;-). You see a lady dressed in blue, which climbs stares down to the ring. Christina looks like a real boxer and they give her water. She drinks the water, spits it out, stands up and goes boxing with the blue lady. First she hits the woman. The woman wants to hit back but Christina goes down on her knees, so the hit doesn’t get her. Then the girl jumps at Christina and they are pushing each other around. Then they keep on fighting. The woman hits Christina in the face. Christina hits like 10 times back and the woman falls on the floor.

You see Redman walking around. Then you see Christina dancing in a room with a wet floor. She gets totally wet. When the clip is almost finished she dances around with Jorge and somebody else.

Okay, that was a short and not very good version of ‘Dirrty’, but maybe you know now how it is like (the video). It is really dirty. Everything is really very dirty and dark. I think the video goes good with the song. Christina looks very angry and dirty too! But she looks so hot!

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