Christina Aguilera Discusses Britney Spears & Baby Son Max

spoke with the Daily Mail about her rivalry with Britney Spears, insisting that while they’re not close friends, there’s no bitterness between the two. “There have been so many stories about the two of us not getting on,” she said. “We don’t keep closely in touch with one another, and it’s obvious how our lives have taken on two different directions.” As for Britney’s setbacks in the last few years, the 27-year-old said, “I don’t pass any judgment on what she does. I always wish her all the best.”

Christina also spoke about her and husband Jordan Bratman’s first child, Max, and how motherhood has changed her life. “Max is in the UK with me,” she said. “He’s resting in the room at the moment. Jordan is very supportive – that makes my life easier – and Max is a joy. Being a singer and a mother is a juggling act, but doing both comes naturally. Now, I couldn’t do one without the other.” Read more.

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