Christina Aguilera Fan Club Screws Over Fans Yet Again

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We all know what happened with Christina Aguilera’s fan club Xposed over a year ago… They took people’s money for tickets, then the concerts were cancelled, and the company (FansRule) went bankrupt. All of those fans are STILL waiting for refunds.

So, what now? Well, Xposed was taken over by a NEW company, Music Today. Fans were promised that things would be different. That by renewing their membership through them, they would get a GOOD fan club, with prizes, membership packages, and frequent updates.

Now, as renewal time comes around again, what have fans gotten? NOTHING. A website that posts “Christina got engaged!” weeks after it was in the news. No updates since March 2005. AND, no membership packages at all! So, basically, the fans have paid 40 bucks to post in an “exclusive” forum. It seems that that their forum is only “exclusive” so that no outsiders can come in and read all the complaints posted there!

When in the world will Christina herself decide that she doesn’t want to hurt her fans anymore? Let alone ROB them. Sure, she doesn’t run the fan club… but shouldn’t she at least KNOW about what is going on? And CARE? Seems like that will never happen.

Fans that are interested in ACTUAL updates, new photos, current news, and even PRIZES, can just go over to and get that stuff for FREE. They don’t even make non-US people work harder for fewer benefits, like Xposed does!

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  1. Michael says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous! Wow, what else can you say?

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