Christina Aguilera Fan Fury Over VMA ‘Kiss’ Slight

Christina Aguilera fans are furious after the media has focused only on the kiss between Madonna and Britney Spears at last weeks’ MTV Video Music Awards, while ignoring their hero’s kiss with the Material Girl. A petition on the subject states: “MTV was so concerned with getting Britney’s ex-boyfriend’s reaction on television because they want to start more gossip when they don’t realize that their relationship is over! People hardly even noticed that Christina Aguilera and Madonna kissed because MTV only showed the very end of it on TV. Everybody is talking about Britney and Madonna kissing and the two of them are getting so much publicity on entertainment news shows as well as radio shows, while Christina gets barely any because nobody had the chance to see it. There is also another downside to MTV’s editing for Christina. One of the things this performance was supposed to do was end the bogus feud between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera that the media has dragged out since the two of them came onto the scene. When Christina enters the stage, you can clearly see her blow Britney a kiss right before she starts singing. Another thing MTV decided to cut out of the show was at the end of the performance when Britney blew a kiss back to Christina. It is not fair that MTV cut these two key points for Christina out of the performance. Every year MTV edits their award shows to show the highlights the live cameras may not have put on the air. If you want to see these highlights worked into the multiple replays of this year’s Video Music Awards, sign this petition. Thank you.” The petition has since been removed.

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11 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Fan Fury Over VMA ‘Kiss’ Slight

  1. clayfan says:

    I am so bored to death with being inundated with media reports about the “big kiss” between Madonna and Britney. I thought I was the only one wondering why no one bothered to mention Christina’s kiss with Madonna. Of course no one is discussing how Britney lip-synced, but Christina sang LIVE. Christina was definitely slighted in this whole spectacle. Britney should be embarrassed about her fake “performance.” Christina should be proud. (Britney looked like it was her first kiss; like she didn’t know what she was doing. Christina DEFINITELY knew how to kiss. Hers didn’t look embarrassing and awkward like Britney’s did.)

  2. elgato says:

    those Christina fans are acting retarded. they sure as hell didn’t seem to mind the media focusing on the Justin/Britney saga while it was bringing attention to the justified and stripped tour. now they’re acting like they have a problem with it. get outta here.

  3. Stallion says:

    Elgato is bitter because Brain and Kevin didn’t kiss each other but moving on I agree I had no idea that Madonna and Christina even kiss.

  4. rachel says:

    That is so stupid. Who gives a sh*t!!!! Why do we want the spectacle of Christina’s career to be an inclined publicity kiss. I mean damn this peeps sound like Britney fans to me, they are so into publicity and they are trying to get Christina to be an ugly slut like somebody. Lol shame on ya , f**k this petition because its stupid and embarrassing.

  5. elexis1200 says:

    Christina fans are so jealous of Britney they just can’t stand it that Britney gets more attention than her and its so funny. They’re so mad cause Britney lip synchs half the time and still gets noticed more than Christina.get over it Britney is more popular and more famous Christina’s not

  6. justanotherbtch says:

    Christina is great n everything, and I respect her because she can actually sing.. but that whole kissing thing is getting annoying, and I am tired of hearing about it and seeing it everywhere. but yea I did find that weird that its all just Britney and Madonna when Christina kissed her too. but I think its kinda because Britney is seen more as a goody goody than Christina and that shocked people? I don’t know.. I haven’t really seen any pics of Christina and Madonna kissing but when I do see or hear about it they only mention Britney .. I dunno. but yea its getting kinda old and kinda annoying, and this shouldn’t bother her fans because its just making Britney look like the lesbian that she is.

  7. Kaoss921 says:

    I totally agree with this article!! I thought that the attention that Britney was getting was ridiculous! And I hate MTV for showing Justin when they kissed and totally missing out on Christina/Madonna. I think that MTV should be embarrassed about this and should show the full kiss they had to have had a camera on C/M too didn’t they? I think they should apologize also.

  8. mariahsbiggestfan says:

    I don’t mean to offend anybody, but WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT ” THE KISS”. is that really how we want to promote Christina Aguilera. she doesn’t need to kiss Madonna to further her career because she has the talent and she has the looks. the only reason the media is so excited by Britney kissing Madonna is because that is not something that they would expect Britney to do. so don’t be upset because they didn’t show it because Christina still stole the spotlight with her TALENT!

  9. cwaaft says:

    I think it’s time for Christina fans to grow up and get a clue. She has come out with an image that she says is true to her. That image doesn’t appeal to the majority of the public. People are no longer willing to praise her, no matter what, just because she has a powerful voice. Even the critics that she use to hold in the palm of her hand have started to change their minds. Fewer then half of the reviews from the J&S tour have been positive about her show.

  10. XtinaFan says:

    Another thing MTV decided to cut out of the show was at the end of the performance when Britney blew a kiss back to Christina. To be clear (because the Christina fans are making it sound like it happened during the performance), that happened AFTER the performance. When everyone was leaving the stage, and Britney smiled and blew Christina a kiss.

  11. XtinaFan says:

    And for the idiot that said a Britney fan must of made this petition….Uh, I saw a thread about this petition on the Christina Livedaily forum a couple of days ago, and the petition starter was by a CHRISTINA FAN, one of those Christina fans that have been on her forum for like 4 friggin’ years. So yeah, it’s a CHRISTINA FAN.

    Nobody made a big deal out of it, because people already know (and if they are in denial – they know subconsciously) that Christina likes women. She made out with her friend on MTV diary, she always talks about women and their a*sses, etc. she wants to date Angelina Jolie, she wants to sleep with Britney, she even said her female dancer bit her in an “intimate place”. That’s why it didn’t surprise anyone – everyone is already used to her lesbianism.

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