Christina Aguilera Gets Dirty For Blender Ad

The November issue of Blender includes an advertisement for their December issue featuring a spread-eagle posed wearing handcuffs and fishnets.

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6 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Gets Dirty For Blender Ad

  1. dragonzNpiano says:

    She looks very mature. She probably got a b00b job or something. Anyway, the hair looks okay but its getting boring, i liked her hair in the “i turn to you” video. oh well, the pix look fine to me.

  2. Jeannie says:

    It was a photo shoot. It’s just wardrobe. It’s not like she went up to them and begged and pleaded to take the picture like this. It wasn’t as if it was her idea to do that kind of layout. It’s just a picture. It’s fine.

  3. SnickerBox says:



    I’m a fan and you can’t deny that is hoochie.

    she is going to get some crap for that.

  4. cwaaft says:

    Actually that is standard for mags like Blender, Maxim and FHM.

    BTW, she got the boobjob back in the spring of 2001. Ted on E!News told about it. She does that to feel better about herself and then goes and screws up her hair and makeup all the time. Go figure.

  5. Tnaci0uswiMPkiN27o1 says:

    although this is only a photo..esp for this kinda of m’zine..i hope she only does this for a while….i don’t like it at all

  6. unknownangel says:

    ok seriously that’s just gross..i hope shes just doing this because her manager or whatever told her too not because she want to..she acts n looks like Brit omg! i like her better when she was cute and innocent back in her first album!

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