Christina Aguilera Gets Friendly With Club Staff

Contributed anonymously:

I work at the National Club in LA. was recently there. She was with a HUGE bodyguard and her boyfriend and another girl. Christina didn’t really dance. She sat in the back laughing with the girl she was with. It seemed like they were all joking. Anyway, I am a fan and my Boss said it was ok to go up to her.

I didn’t want to be annoying, so I just smiled and acted like I was picking glasses up. She noticed I was nervous and she said “Its okay” and started to laugh. I laughed back with her and she said she liked my charm bracelet and did I have it made. I told her I bought it and she then said, “Oh, it’s really cute.” I was in heaven! I can’t believe she even paid attention to me. I don’t know why people call her a diva. She was really down to earth.
-Employee from National Club

Since the actual name of the club Christina Aguilera was Club Nacional, I’m going to presume this story is fake.

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