Christina Aguilera Gets Props

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Nowadays it seems that everything said about Christina Aguilera is negative and for the most part, not true. Most people on this website seem to think they know everything about her and what her future holds and what not. Well, even though people say that she has lost her fans and that no one cares about her, here is something you all should read. Read on for just a few quotes that have been said about Christina, some old, some new. Everyone from Julia Roberts to Mariah Carey, even have all said something nice about Christina.

Julia Roberts: On her favorite singer – ‘Funny you ask. I recently became a Christina Aguilera fan. I guess you could call her the leading lady of pop music. My niece has always really liked her and I watched some concert tape she had of Christina’s and it was amazing. Her voice and performance skills almost make me want to become a singer. (laughs) No, I won’t put you all through that.’

Missy Elliot: ‘I got a chance to work with Christina Aguilera, she’s a really cool girl. Christina is one of the best vocalists. Somewhere between Whitney and Mariah.’

Orlando Sentinel: ‘Britney or Christina: Of course, it’s like comparing Gouda with Cheez Whiz. Britney was all over-choreographed, pre-packaged, and tape-recorded. Christina, on the other hand, is the real deal. Real stage banter. Real stage presence. Heck, real singing.’

Britney Spears: ‘I think she’s an amazing performer. She is brilliant — the girl can sing. She’s amazing. And anyone who can make it in this business I have so much respect for because I know how hard it is.’

Freddie Prinze Jr.: ‘Christina is the most talented of all of them – by far.’

Mandy Moore: ‘Jessica and I aren’t in the same league as Britney and Christina so the idea of rivalry and competition doesn’t even enter the equation. They are the superstars. Christina seems sweet and I have only met her very briefly. I like her music and she is an amazing singer.’

Faith Hill: ‘I think Christina has what it takes to stay around a long time, she’s got it all.’

Mariah Carey: ‘I think that she is a very talented singer.’

Snoop Dog: ‘Christina Aguilera’s got a pretty voice.I like her voice. No disrespect to Britney Spears – she got a nice voice too, but I think Christina Aguilera could do more soul with her voice. She could probably sound better on a hip-hop track than that pop.’

Jason Cook (Days of Our Lives): ‘I think Christina Aguilera has an amazing voice.’

Willa Ford: ‘Voice-wise, I think I have a unique type of voice! Out of all of us though, Christina has pipes til’ heaven, ya’ know, that girl gotta voice that would blow Mariah outta the water. I’m NO competition for her!’

Matt from No Use for a Name: ‘Christina Aguilera. Oh my God! She is an absolute goddess in all accounts. Not only is she a complete knockout, but listen to her sing. She’s better than Whitney Houston. She’s better than all these great singers. She gets up there and dances. She does all the dances and all the singing. Now Brittany Spears doesn’t do that. A lot of times I’ve seen her at shows where she’ll lip-sync or she gets tired and can’t do all the vocal range stuff that… Christina is an insane singer. Christina. I’m in love with her.’

Carson Daly: ‘Christina’s constantly had to fight being in Britney’s shadow. She walks like a diva, so people think she has an attitude problem. I’ve never had a problem with her, but I don’t have a real sense – by the time people come on TRL, its like they’re behaving well in front of their parents. But whether you like her or not, the one thing that has really propelled her is sheer talent like no other teen pop star.’

Rockwilder: ‘Christina Aguilera has made an excellent crossover from pop princess to here to stay R&B vixen. She has done something her female pop counterparts don’t dream of doing.’

Dave Matthews: On VH1 performance – ‘I think Christina did incredibly well. I’m always impressed with her. She can belt it out and has a smokin’ band, too. And they can dance. Good music with dance steps.’

Kathy Griffith: ‘Christina Aguilera – she can sing, dance and she is so gorgeous, Doesn’t it make you want to kick her ass.’

Neil Diamond: ‘Listen to her sing a couple of songs – she is very talented.’

Brandy: ‘Christina Aguilera is my girl, and she puts on a great great show.’

Joe Perry (Aerosmith): ‘Christina has always blown my mind and seems to be able to cross the line between the whole pop tart thing and what she did tonight. I was watching it with B.B. King and our jaws just dropped.’

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4 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Gets Props

  1. Trish says:

    Christina is in total control: she’s an energetic and charismatic performer with a sultry voice, who appeals to fans of all ages. She’s the best performer since Madonna, to bring us music in years! We all love ya Christina!!!!!

  2. jeremiah says:

    Christina is one of the hottest girls on the planet and she’s still relevant 10 years later. she’s the epitome of a pop superstar and icon. In my opinion, she’s the most talented singer of her generation and she’s going to be around for decades entertaining us.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Christina is the greatest singer, performer and entertainer in my book!
    MY IDOL…

  4. shelby says:

    Christina is the Madonna and Marilyn Monroe of Pop! She is glamorous, curvaceous and sexy like Marilyn, and she is the coolest queen after Madonna. Her face is just so gorgeous, and her body is to die for. Christina Aguilera is so lovely, she has something bright and shiny about her. Something special, it just makes you want to rub against it, feel the shock.

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