Christina Aguilera Goes For Changes

Contributed by kping:

ETC magazine feature changes that has embark since 1 year ago. The article talks bout her weight gain, her hair color with Madoona and Britney connection, movie deal, and GLAAD.

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10 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Goes For Changes

  1. annita says:

    Wow, the article has a lot of comparisons to Britney, but shows a more real person.

  2. XXdirrty_xtinaXX says:

    Maybe its just me but at some parts they got a little harsh. anyways she lost weight from then

  3. ballersfantasy says:

    I think Christina is at her best right now more than she ever was. She had great success with her first album but when she came out again with Dirrty it didn’t seem like her. If you watched her when she came back she talked all this slang that was ridiculous. I respect her a lot more right now for her points of views and not being afraid to say what she feels.

  4. Tig says:

    Christina is real, however the look right now is not all that,,,she’s been looking kind of messed-up lately. Radio is not playing Can’t Hold Us Down w/Lil Kim because of all the bad publicity. She needs to re-tool the image, re-work another single and take a break. I really think STRIPPED is a masterpiece, as far as comparisons to Britney, they end with the Mickey Mouse Club. Christina writes her lyrics, and sings with the power of a burst of thunder, Britney is a performer, she’s not the greatest singer, but she’s a good performer. One last compairson, they both have phat asses. That’s always a plus.

  5. bella89 says:

    She should release Walk Away or that song with Alica Keys, only because it shows that her album also has some softer songs. It’s not just fast paced pop/rock tunes.

  6. Kizzardkid says:

    I Think “The Voice Within” should be her last single, it kinda wraps up what Stripped is all about, Man I love that song, reminds me of old school Mariah.

  7. Nothing2Lose says:

    So, I am wondering. They have mentioned this a lot in articles and other places. Is she really doing that movie with Sean Connery? I hope so it sounds like a good idea. I think she needs more recognition. I mean STRIPPED is amazing and it shows just how versatile she is as an artist and as a vocalist. She has made so many transitions(maybe not all of them were great) but she maintained her head held high and I respect that. Props to you Christina!

  8. rachel says:

    uhh Tig can’t hold us down is number 12 on the billboard charts, and it hasn’t been out that long. I don’t know where you are but in Atlanta they play it every 5 seconds it sickening. I kinda hate that song now.

  9. promisemewings says:

    You’re wrong. The radio stations around HERE at least (Chicago) are playing “Can’t Hold Us Down.” I can’t imagine what bad publicity Christina is getting. Gaining some weight? Getting ticked off that Britney Spears got the attention for kissing Madonna? The rigging of the stage collapsing during her tour with Justin? I don’t know any bad press that Christina’s been getting.

  10. louee says:

    It’s really offensive that they kept calling her fat. I think her body is beautiful and curvy. I love all of her new looks and would not want her to change for the world. Stuff like that is so shallow. So what she gained some weight. People seem to quickly forget that she has one of the best freaking voices in the recording industry. Comments about her looks and image always aim to override her unconquerable talent. I noticed all of the comparisons to Britney, which further proves what I have always believed, that even tho Christina is talented, she is mostly hot because of her association with Brit. I thought the article was too subjective and it was obviously leaning in favor of Brit (which I’m too upset about: ) and that’s not fair, nor is it an ethical journalistic move. For the rec, I say cheers for Britney and Christina.

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