Christina Aguilera: In A League Of Her Own

Contributed anonymously:

has come a long way and stands miles ahead of the other pop singer that are trailing in her dust. If I remember correctly Christina was the first person out of the “pop explosion” to win a Grammy. She has since won 3 and even ventured off and won a Latin Grammy.

I know this essay is going to make a lot of people upset because they just hate Christina because she has accomplished soo much more than any of the other popstars in her generation. Now, being familiar with the immature kids that will comment on this, I know this is when they start calling her “ho-tina” and “slutina”. But those comments are made unjustifiably and you people do for lack of anything better to say. So what she did a video for ‘Dirrty’ that was like a year ago. You people really need to stop living in the past. Every video since then she has had her clothes on, unlike and Beyonce Knowles who seem to take more off with every video.

Speaking of Britney, why is she making an ass of herself and her career by being naked in a video? That is ridiculously pathetic. Anyway, back to Christina, she’s the only female pop singer of importance right now.

I’m kind of confused as to why girls are putting Christina down when she is adamantly pro-woman. It’s crazy that she is trying to raise young girls self esteem while you guys constantly put her down. I believe that Christina is the only young entertainer out there who even attempts to make a social impression with her music (ie. ‘Beautiful’, ‘The Voice Within’). So haters stop sipping on Hater-aid and give Christina her props.

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