Christina Aguilera Is A True Legend

Contributed by coco:

Christina Aguilera is the most talented singer of our time. She is a true legend, someone who is going to be remembered for a long time. Her voice is a god-given gift that will transcend through generations yet to come.

Christina Aguilera is somewhere between Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston. Christina makes you realize what true art is; it’s not about how many albums she sells or how often her face has been on Us Weekly; it’s about being able to affect people with her music. She is the only artist of our time that is able to achieve that. Most songs today are just catchy and pointless, while hers are powerful and meaningful. You can feel the soul in her every song and that’s what truly touches people. When I hear ‘The Voice Within’ or ‘Fighter’ I feel a chill running through my body. Only the greatest artists are able to have such a powerful impact on people.

Most artists today fade next to Christina. No one is able to even come close to the magnitude of her talent and greatness. At such young age Christina has risen to the pinnacle of her career and her future is yet to bright even shiner. She already received 4 Grammys, sang for the president, and sold millions records worldwide. Christina Aguilera is here for a long run and with her talent she will live up to being a true legend.

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11 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Is A True Legend

  1. DUBS says:

    She is no where NEAR a legend

  2. DUBS says:

    Yeah Alicia Keys can do those things too and she’s won 12 Grammys

  3. DUBS says:

    You are clearly a biased fan

  4. Joey says:

    Britney Spears is a legend. Christina Aguilera can’t even shine her shoes.

  5. fezzz says:

    I agree just because she has a good voice does not mean she’s a legend
    She barely even writes her own music
    on the other hand Britney in my eyes is a legend, not Christina nowhere near and never will

  6. dvnovert says:

    YES! an absolute legend. I completely agree!

  7. Lisa says:

    Fast forward 6 years later and the girl is a legend. She doesn’t just have a great voice, but it is very unique and has inspired many young girls just from viewing the American Idol contestants trying to mimic her singing style. She’s made it okay for vocalists to be just as innovative and powerful as non-singers like Madonna.

  8. clarisse says:

    Christina Aguilera is no doubt one of our generation’s best music artists. I will strangle anyone’s neck who disagrees. she is not just a singer, but an artist. there’s a difference. and it’s not always about how many Grammy trophies an artist wins or albums sold (although they help build credibility). and it’s not always about staying in the top 100 or occupying the top spot in the music charts. it’s more about affecting change and inspiring others and spreading universal messages to humanity through music. that’s what you would want as an artist: to be able to transcend time through your art. and yes, Christina co-writes or writes her own songs, something that other singers do not do, or can’t do. about the legend thing, maybe it’s too early to say that (but I don’t mind if people were to refer to her as a legend, now or in the future). she does exhibit exceptional abilities and great talents that can make her an iconic musical legend. let’s just say, for now, that she’s a promising legend-in-the-making. she can and will be a legend.

  9. clarisse says:

    and just like Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys is a potential legend-in-the-making.

  10. jill says:

    Neither Christina or Britney are legends, they have not done anything or broken boundaries or set up new standards. They are both just old pop Teen Queens.

  11. Marlene Desiree says:

    Screw you all!

    Christina is a real legend.. she has the voice.. how many artist today have a voice and radiance as Christina? ….. NO ONE… Justin Bieber have more Grammys than Christina… and its just because of the views of the video…. HE IS A PIECE OF CRAP!


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