Christina Aguilera Is Class While Britney Spears Is Trash

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proved to us all what a classy and mature adult she is, while Britney Spears keeps on proving the opposite; that she is nothing but a slutty, uneducated, country pumpkin. Despite the fact that these girls came out from the same pop factory, it is obvious that Christina is a true star while Britney is nothing but a whore puppet of her executives.

Christina is in control of her life and her image. She is not only extremely talented but is also very wise. She makes good choices in personal life and career. Unlike Britney she knows what she wants in life. She is able to maintain a steady relationship for two years and sell 10 million albums (all while not using publicity stunts). You don’t see her getting married everyday, or blaming Red Bull for half naked photo shoots. She is a mature adult who is able to keep herself grounded and focused. She is proven to us all that she is a classy woman in life and a true artist on stage. With her vocal abilities and artistry she will have a long promising career in show business.

Britney, on the other hand, is nothing but a slutty, country girl who has no education or class. From her never-ending striptease to 55 hour marriage she has proven that she is an absolute moron. She can’t even put two words together much less make a conversation. Being a proclaimed “singer” she doesn’t even know what “C’s or things like that” is. She is a true embarrassment. However, her actions are even more ridiculous than her words; she takes off her cloth every time CD’s don’t sell, using her “sexuality” as a selling objective. After photo shoots she can’t even justify her actions, blaming it on Red Bull or such. In real life she’s a mess too; jumps from guy to guy in search of “happiness”. Now she is getting married to a guy who has 2 kids and no job. It looks like she is very confused and doesn’t know what she’s doing. Only a truly low person would take away a guy from a pregnant girlfriend, and try to build her life on that. She looks like Courtney Love, and acts like Monica Lewinsky, a true trash that no make up artist can cover up.

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3 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Is Class While Britney Spears Is Trash

  1. Will says:

    Look at Christina’s videos, they’re cries for attention, look at the way she dressed, cry for attention.
    Britney has sold over 90 million albums, Christina hasn’t sold half. Brit’s voice isn’t as good, but everything else is better with Britney then Christina.
    I find it hilarious how you are saying that Christina doesn’t try 2 sell stuff with sex, that’s ALL she does. Shes just too ugly to pull it off!

  2. Sam says:

    Don’t talk about Britney she has way more class and beauty than Christina.I don’t think you should be calling Christina classy she has done some pretty trampy things throughout her lifetime and Britney keeps to herself these days.I bet if you asked Hollywood whose a lot nicer they wouldn’t say Christina a lot of artists don’t like her and they say she’s really mean.I would say since this was written in 2009 that the tide has changed and Britney is doing much better right now than Christina.Classy isn’t about wearing tons of makeup and trying to be a Marilyn Monroe wannabe classy is natural,and innocent like Britney.

  3. ... says:

    I love Christina Aguilera but I love Britney Spears too… And yes even though i am a HUGE fan of Christina, that doesn’t mean the stuff in this article is true. I enjoy lots of Britney’s music and yes she has made a few mistakes even some pretty big ones but they both have! And its impossible not to have when every instance of your life is in the spotlight. They are both very different artists and people, but that doesn’t mean either one of them is a worse artist. And about using sex to sell…every single celeb in Hollywood has done it so don’t act like it is some huge deal! Christina has done it too, whats wrong with being comfortable in your own skin? They are both amazing and inspiring to me, and they are both great artists so why doesn’t everyone just leave them alone and stop comparing them? THEY ARE FRIENDS, THEY DON’T HATE EACH OTHER

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