Christina Aguilera Is Desperate For Publicity

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Recently Christina Aguilera has been pretty desperate for publicity. I think this has been brought on by lack of publicity for her album. Which it has been lagging. Of course only MTV has talked about it (which they talk about any artist, flop or huge star) or if she is willing to get naked, which she has. It shows she is trashy and desperate for interviews, she is a married woman now. Here are some reasons that show how desperate she is:

1. Name Dropping Britney Spears- This first started years ago. Christina has first says said Britney is trashy, has a cheap ring, and many other things. Britney is one of the biggest star in the tabloids, and many people want to read about her. She knows her name will get out and news outlets will then say something about her album. Britney has NEVER said anything bad about her, so why should Christina? Then Christina tried to compliment Britney on her baby, which shows how trashy she is.

2. Name Dropping Mariah Carey- She has just done this. is huge this year and last, so talking about her will get you publicity. So of course, Christina goes for it, insulting Mariah and her breakdown for press, and it worked. Now Mariah has fired back saying, “I had hoped that Christina was in a better place now than the last time I saw her when she showed up uninvited at one of my parties and displayed questionable behavior.” Now people see Christina has been the starter of this, showing up uninvited. Mariah would have been quiet about it because she doesn’t want to embarrass anyone, and doesn’t need publicity. But Christina does, and Mariah needs to stand up for herself. By the way Christina, don’t be displaying your trashy drunken acts somewhere when you are not wanted, like in an elegant super famous star like Mariah’s party. And remember this is not the first celebrity to say Christina isn’t always the mostly classy or kind person. But at least Mariah sees right through Christina like her fans should, “”It is sad yet predictable that she would use my name at this time to reinvent past incidents for her promotional gain.”

3. Getting Naked- Christina loves this. This first started a few years ago. She tried dirtying it up for her first single. It did not really work, the single tanked, and the album didn’t make #1. Then she tried acting like a strong woman, and then an abused sad girl all to get attention and make people want to get the album because of her attitude. She is very fake. Now since no one cares about her “classy” image or jazz sounding album, she is doing it again. Naked….and married. A married woman should not be doing this, they are supposed to be dedicated to their husband. And many Christina fans think she looks classy and smart, ya right. Classy is not nude and bending over like you are making a Paris Hilton porn video. And she was smart, she would use her talents and popularity to sell. And she knows by getting naked she can get shoots (just so people can look) but still mention her album (if anyone even reads the article).

Hopefully, no one falls for her desperate attempts now. Does anyone even know what the real Christina is like? She keeps putting on fake fronts.

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4 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Is Desperate For Publicity

  1. Carina says:

    this is so not true Christina is not fake.
    In fact Mariah and Britney are way fake.
    Most people and celebrities are jealous of Christina because she’s the best!!!
    Her album went multi-platinum and she has way more awards than other suckish celebs because she is truly talented.
    Christina is nice and sweet and beautiful and she’s is not dumb like other celebrities and lames.

  2. oasis says:

    How can you write somethings on someone that you (and its very evident) don’t know anything and understand anything on her.. Christina is a incredible artist and every of her music videos for stripped album was pre edited in advance because she try to show her personality in her music video: stripped=the girl who be proud to be a female and proud of her body fighter=to show that she is a strong woman beautiful= to show that she is open to every kind of people can’t hold us down to show her feminist engagement the voice withing to show that she is a soul person….and that’s why her album is call stripped because she show to everyone who she is…its not all about publicity…your “opinion” its not founded on anything!

  3. Kevin says:

    Christina has an ok voice but over sings the sh** out of every song.

    Mariah has 18 #1’s and 175-200 million albums sold.

    Christina will be happy to get a quarter of that.

  4. Marcus says:

    Lol the awkward moment when dirrty and Beautiful are in actual fact big hits and when Back To Basics was a number one album hahahaha XD get your facts right. Just to let you know you don’t have a career in journalism since you can’t get simple facts write

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