Christina Aguilera Is Doing Great Outside The U.S.

Contributed Anonymously:

First I just want to make it clear that I am both a Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera fan. I have no preference and I am only comparing them because the are the biggest female singers today.

Christina Aguilera is a huge star. No she’s not as big as Britney but who is. In Australia and the UK Christina has had a great year, especially considering she only released 2 singles, neither of which came from one of her albums, and a tour DVD that came from an album almost 3 years old.

On the Australian and UK charts both Carwash and Tilt ya head Back did extremely well. Both had a long run in the top 20 with both peaking in the top 5. Technically Britney charted higher with My Prerogative but Christina stayed in the charts much longer. A great result for a song from a kiddie movie and a duet.

Stripped-Live in the UK has been a success. It would have done better if it had of been released soon after the album came out, but oh well. Britney’s Greatest Hits DVD came out at the same time as the CD and is not a tour DVD. It can’t be compared. None of Britney’s tour DVDs have done as well as Greatest Hits.

Christina is not a flop. So those singles didn’t do great in the US. It doesn’t mean she’s over. Wait and see how the next album does and then decide.

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