Christina Aguilera Is Not So Original

For all the slack Britney Spears gets for supposedly copying , I’d just like to say your goddess of originality is probably the worst of them all.

Let’s take the biggest culprit of evidence. ‘Stripped’, was a good album and fun to listen to but almost every song is like a rip off of another one.

‘Fighter’ is like ‘Survivor’ from Destiny’s Child or ‘Black cat’ from Janet Jackson. Infatuation is the tired and inevitable Latin lover song that everyone has overdone. ‘Loving Me For Me’ sounds like Mariah Carey’s ‘Underneath the stars’ and Jill Scott ‘He Loves Me.’ ‘Impossible’ sounds like Aretha Franklin. ‘Beautiful’ is Elton John or TLC’s ‘Unpretty.’ ‘Make Over’, uh Sugababes. ‘Dirrty’ is Redman’s song ‘Lets get dirty.’ ‘A Voice Within’, Jesus another take off of Mariah Carey, anyone remember ‘Hero’?

And throughout the whole CD, all I heard was Mariah Mariah Mariah. I still liked ‘Stripped’ but next time you want to make a comment on how everyone copies Christina, just remember she’s not the most original girl in it. Her whole new sound is just combining what’s already out there or been done already. I think her next album should be better.

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