Christina Aguilera Is So Unoriginal

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Ok, Christina Aguilera does have a good voice, but why does she act like she is so unique or something. A lot of the things she does are copying off of other artists. Like for instance, that sexuality issue she keeps on talking about over and over again. About how she is sexual and its time for girls to come forward and be open about it, because there is nothing to be ashamed of. WHAT? The only girl who said she was virgin was Britney Spears. Nobody else really talks about their sex life, but that doesn’t mean they are pretending to not be a sexual person. They are just private. Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, they’ve all had sex they just aren’t constantly saying it like she was.

I think the last thing girls in this industry are doing is NOT being sexual enough. All of them are over the top skanky half the time. And hello, didn’t Madonna make the same statements years ago? She is taking Madonna’s statements and at the time shocking and new attitude, and making it seem as though she is the first girl to be sexual. Madonna was the one who broke out and was taking risks, Christina is copying Madonna’s statements and attitude and selling like its her own. Britney and she both copy Madonna. But at least Britney doesn’t act like she is so original and daring.

Another thing is she is supposedly going in the studio to record a kind of older soul sounding album. When she just said how she was a big fan of Joss Stone. She is totally copying off of the kind of music Joss sings. She is always saying how much she loves Joss Stone, and now she is coming out with an album that’s going to have the same sound as hers. And again she is making it seem like she is being so original and taking a risk with her music when she isn’t.

Every statement in her music seems to be something somebody else already said, or did. And steals it like it’s her own idea. Her song “fighter” was supposed to be this big ground breaking song about being strong and making it through. Then what the hell was Destiny’s Child song “survivor” about? The SAME exact thing. Except instead of being a fighter, they were saying they were survivors.

Or “cant hold us down” for another example. “They guy gets all the glory the more he can score, and when the girl does the same you call her a whore”….kind of like Madonna’s song “human nature”. When she says “I’m not sorry, its human nature, would you it sound better if I were a man”. Both talking about being sexually open. And how Christina says, “Call me a bitch because I speak what’s on my mind,” while Madonna almost has identical lines saying “oops, I didn’t know I couldn’t speak my mind”.

So my point is she sings good but rips off other artists ideas and makes it seem like she is so groundbreaking. She isn’t. All the “ground breaking” things she said were already said by Madonna. She is just claiming the credit.

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3 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Is So Unoriginal

  1. lindsay says:

    people are sick of Christina Aguilera. she canceled her tour because people weren’t buying tickets. her video for not myself tonight is so obviously copying Madonna and people don’t want unoriginal pop stars! period. remember when she got all slutty in dirty? she was trying hard to compete with Britney because Britney was America’s favorite pop star and sex symbol,not her and lets face it-Britney has got that natural sexiness that Christina couldn’t compete with and Christina was so jealous! I agree that she talks about how sexual she is way too much in a desperate attempt to stay relevant! Christina Aguilera is over!!!

  2. Danielle says:

    Please, go to the Facebook page called “Proof That Christina Did Not Copy Gaga”

    You guys are ridiculous! Christina has been rocking styles long before any of these girls were out! While these girls INCLUDING Gaga were rocking Abercrombie And Fitch just 3 years ago Christina was wearing huge blonde afros and dark makeup, always going outside of the box since 2000. This is so ridiculous!

  3. xx says:

    Madonna is the queen
    Britney is the princess
    and xtina is the queen of copying

    and honestly the only way xtina reminds me of gaga is xtina was the 1st popstar to look like a drag

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