Christina Aguilera Is The Best Female Artist Today

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Of all the female singers out there today, is the most talented. She has an amazing voice, a gift for songwriting, a natural stage presence and makes brilliant videos.

Christina has an incredible voice. That’s indisputable whether you like the way she sings or not. Unlike the majority of singers she has a real versatility in her voice and can sing any style. A good voice is the most important thing a singer has, but in the last few years a basic ability to hold a tune with the help of recording equipment and a hot body is all that has been required (To all you fans, I’m not just talking about her so don’t make this all about her). Also she sings live. There is no excuse for someone calling themselves a singer to lip-synch.

Christina writes the majority of her songs. As do all credible artists. She writes about real things, not meaningless songs about going out to clubs etc.

Christina puts on a great show. She brings a level of excitement to the crowd seen only when a performer feels comfortable and unself-conscious. While her show is choreographed, it isn’t hinged on brilliant lighting or effects. It’s all about her voice not the backdrop.

Christina’s videos are adventurous and they stray from the norm of female pop and R&B stars. Her ideas are brilliant and her videos, particularly Fighter, are some of the best in the last 10 years. She takes risks, like filming The Voice Within in one take. Nobody gives better video.

Christina will be around forever while her contemporaries will fall within the next 5 years.

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