Christina Aguilera Is Using Her Past For Respect

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Ok I know you all hate essays but you can turn the page right now because this is an essay! If you don’t like it back click now before I begin. I am just getting so sick of all Christina Aguilera’s gullible fans (and no I am NOT a fan either) believe everything she says. For example, she keeps on bringing up her so called “abused” past which I find to be a publicity stunt. The more people seem to have a “troubled” past, the more successful and respected they become. Kurt Cobain, Eminem etc. Christina acts as if she has such a hard life, yet fails to remember that she moved away from her father when she was FOUR! You can barely remember anything at that age, if ANYTHING tiny bits and pieces.

I was abused all my life by my father that is something you remember and grow up with. Christina lived with her father when she was a baby to a toddler and acts as if she remembers everything, and how painful her life was. Then she says in other articles how her father barely touched her, but abused her mother everyday. That there is no denying her mother was abused. Her mother was a victim of abuse, and she probably told Christina what he did rather that Christina actually remembering. As I have said, I was abused all my life, and I don’t even remember the things my father did to me at that age. It’s just so comical how she acts as if she was tortured her whole life.

She had a pretty damn great life. Her mother kissed her a*s on a daily basis letting her enter any competition she wanted. Her mother dropped her own life and moved all the way to FLORIDA just so Christina 11 year old butt could be on TV. Her mother let Christina drop out of high school and sign a record deal. Christina was so spoiled it is unreal. Do you think any normal parent would drop their lives and move across the country so their kid would be on TV? Or let their kid drop out and help them shop for record deals that they didn’t even know she was ever going to get? Point of this is, Christina plays her “abuse” to more than what it was.

Pink’s father left when she was like 13, pink was kicked out of her own home living on the streets when she was 15 with nowhere to go. Eminem’s father left and he had to deal with a drug addict mother all his life. THOSE are actual problems. She needs to stop playing up this so called abuse and realize that she was a toddler barely able to remember anything, who she herself said was barely abused by him it was mostly her mother. Which I am sure she doesn’t even remember that. Most abused victims have to spend their lives dealing with it, like me.

My mother would never take me and leave like Christina’s did. I think its Shelly’s problem, not Christina’s. She is using the story to make herself seem so troubled and deep. And not to mention, her mother remarried to a very nice guy when Christina was 11. She calls him her dad because he was there for her all her life almost. I just wish she would stop with all the crap and tell the truth. “I saw my mom get hit when I was 2 and it hurt me so much”. Your brain isn’t even fully developed at that age. She is so desperate to break away from her teen pop image, that out of nowhere she brings up her father…consequently when she was putting on her fake “bad girl image”.

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3 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Is Using Her Past For Respect

  1. irene taylor says:

    how can you flat out state that Christina’s allegations of abuse are a publicity stunt. you were not there. even though it’s possible some of it might be a slight exaggeration, I doubt she & (especially) her mother would concoct the entire story when her father is still around to deny it. nor do I think she would stoop so low as to humiliate a loved one with such horrendous charges unless there was some truth to it. as far as Christina moving & dropping out of school. it was because she was bullied by her peers after she started constantly winning singing competitions. Christina seems to lack social skills which is many times a result of being an Outkast as a child. this has fed over into adulthood as the media seems to be trying to derail her career by constantly belittling her or ignoring her altogether even though she has been involved in many worth-while causes. if you were an object of hatred by the media, YOU WOULD SOB TOO!!!

  2. tulala chacha says:

    you just have no right. mind your business.

  3. Annonymous says:

    Look, I went to school at North Allegheny with Christina and can tell you that her “torture” by “everyone being jealous” is false – most of the school was happy and excited about her success. But if you act like a diva, of course some people aren’t going to like it. She wasn’t entitled to special treatment, and makes claims about how horrible everyone was to her, and how jealous everyone was. That is totally self-righteous, and turns people off. Of course there will be the few who are jealous, but I never heard of her being “tortured”. It is a tumultuous time for kids at that age – and we were all busy dealing with our own sh** to worry about constantly treating her like a celebrity. She withdrew from school to sign on to a record contract. ALSO – I have read articles in the past stating she sang at North Allegheny’s prom and was shunned and “booed” off the stage. This is a lie – in fact, she NEVER attended prom at North Allegheny. Now, maybe at some other school’s prom she had difficulty with people, but she NEVER EVER went to prom (let alone sing at) at North Allegheny.
    If she stopped worrying about how she thought she was being treated unfairly, she would have seen that everyone else was dealing with their own insecurities, desperation to fit in, and minor bullying of their very own. Any ridicule she faced was brought on by her attitude and being annoyed that she wasn’t treated as “special” above other students. Yes she achieved great success, she is extremely talented and fortunate, but knock it off with the sob story about how “unfair” you had it. There were people in school who were treated far worse for just being themselves.

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