Christina Aguilera Is Women’s Top Choice For Lesbian Sex

Jude Law been voted as the guy women would most like to have an affair with in a poll by FHM UK, with Christina Aguilera topping the list on the sapphic side. Robbie Williams came in third for the guys at 22%, behind Law’s 48% and Orlando Bloom’s 35%. Former S Club star Rachel Stevens was second for the girls with lesbian desires getting 25% of the vote, far behind Aguilera’s 52% majority.

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5 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Is Women’s Top Choice For Lesbian Sex

  1. TheManyFlopsOfMimi says:

    Everyone knows that Christina is a huge carpet muncher anyways! The whole engagement thing is just a publicity stunt by her handlers to divert our attention from her lesbian antics!

  2. popfan_23 says:

    A lot of women say that, and who can blame them, the girl is hot. She knows herself, her sexuality, and embraces it, and that makes a person even more sexy

  3. Pheobe says:

    This has to be a joke, no one is into scary clown WHORE sex. I read that Chrissy has orgies all the time. She loves watching people have sex just as much as she loves having it herself. Just when you think she can’t get anymore disgusting, she proves you wrong.

  4. clayfan says:

    People can say/post anything they want about me…it doesn’t bother me…all in good fun. No one knows me, and I just come here for a little fun, so nothing bothers me except people who have a blanket hate for gays or anyone who doesn’t share their taste. Heck, you and I don’t agree on most things, but we sure have a lot of fun here, don’t we? I think it’s a great way to kill time while I’m at work. When I’m at home I don’t get on the computer too much…too busy cleaning bathrooms!!! (just kidding–my OCD and I will be just fine!)

  5. popfan_23 says:

    Christina knows herself as a person and sexually, she is also very intelligent besides being physically sexy. Those are the qualities that are attractive to a woman. A woman is not going to pick someone because they are not jealous of them, you obviously know nothing about women.

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