Christina Aguilera Kisses Britney Spears

Contributed by GymnastDude182: has a clip of admitting to Christina Aguilera randomly kissing her one night at a club. Britney says: “We were at a club, and she came up to me and she put her tongue down my throat! Like, hello! I haven’t seen you in two years!”

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14 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Kisses Britney Spears

  1. B0rntoplay says:

    Christina loves the ladies. But hey, I don’t got a problem with it. More power to them.

  2. XtinaFan says:

    lol. MusicMan is such a mother f**ker. I submitted this article a freakin’ hour ago, WAY before gymnastdude, and MusicMan gives gymnastdude the credit. well, whatever. I posted this as a comment in a few Christina and Britney articles. and hey….do you idiotic people remember when I posted that article about how Britney said in an interview that Christina kissed her, and all of you idiots thought I made it up?

  3. Madfan says:

    Enough already! Aguilera and Britney ARE musicians. Concentrate on the music please!

  4. GymnastDude182 says:


  5. Julie816 says:

    Too bad that didn’t get caught on camera ehh? lol! they both rock…lube them (but Christina is better) haha!

  6. XtinaFan says:

    Calm the hell down you idiot. I wasn’t dissing you.

  7. rachel says:

    Britney Spears is a disgusting filthy ho, only her will go on National TV and talk about this. They probably asked her “have you hung out or seen Christina in a while” and she brought up this long ended bull crap story. She is a publicity slut really………..just like how she brought up her masturbation song when Dianne Sawyer never asked her about such a thing. Hmm another embarrassment!

  8. hotstuff says:

    Britney never kissed a woman before, what Christina did was shove her tongue down Britney’s throat.

    This is why Christina was probably pissed, Britney, who does embrace her sexuality, and there’s Christina in the background jumping around posing nude saying ‘Now will you accept me’ and the fact that she talks so openly about the opposite sex and how she enjoys it, couldn’t handle Britney who has never done anything of the sort on purpose got all the attention at the VMA’s.

  9. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Thank God Britney refused or else she may pass a lot of diseases and Fred Durst’s sperm cells to Christina.

  10. XtinaFan says:

    Hey guys, Britney has never kissed a woman except for Madonna. Christina is a guy, remember? She was hinting at it with her pin at the VMA after-party.

  11. jimmypee says:

    Britney embraces her sexuality? LMFAO! that’s why the sad woman is always lying about it and making excuses. she’s a liar. she said Madonna was the first time shed ever had a same-sex kiss after the VMAs. now she’s claiming she had one with Christina. stupid media whore is obviously lying just for attention. once again using Christina. what a loser.

  12. FairF*gs Woodard says:

    Then Britney said “Well, it’s nice to see you.” Chrissy fired back “You’re not being real with me.” Brit responded “Chris, what’s your definition of being real anyway? Going up kissing girls you haven’t seen in 2 years. You know what, Christina, you’re scary. I feel really dark when I’m around you.”

    Brit shoulda said like “Yup, I didn’t mean. It’s just a reflex when I see people I hadn’t seen in a long time. That creepy harassment you just did. That’s your reflex? Well, I can’t relate to that. Go kiss somebody randomly who’d be real enough to push your face off within the first few seconds instead please.”

    They have a strained relationship. After Chrissy turned out to be irrational and creepy at Britney way back in 1996.

  13. FairF*gs Woodard says:

    It’s the truth, people. Chrissy revealed it herself… She also went on about how she planned to kiss Britney at VMA 2003 but Brit refused. And Madonna thought wow great idea, took the advice. Chrissy tried to have a conversation with Brit during the rehearsals but Brit kept giving one-word answers, blew Chrissy off and Brit even got nervous/awkward to look Chrissy in the eyes. Brit just here to confirm it. Chrissy bragged about it, couldn’t keep it in her pants. If you’re a Chrissy fan and Britney hater, you should known.

    No, Madonna ain’t her first. Neither is Christina.
    Interviewer: Have you ever kissed a woman before?
    Britney (looked down, shook her legs and cracked a smile): No… I haven’t kissed a woman before..
    She did, folks. She did. Just about before Justin/Britney broke up. With hot bisexual stripper/playboy model chicks. Those who were in love with her since “Baby One More Time.” It’s not just Wade Robson. Justin didn’t find out though.. You know Brit wanted to get married with him but he turned it down cuz he thought they were too young? Don’t know if Justin out screwing random fans like he not clearly joked out to be but Brit was out making out with admirers and friends with benefits since the late 2001’s then all throughout the relationship. Let’s say for the last 6 months of their relationship.

  14. FairF*gs Woodard says:

    The thing about Britney is she thinks not-being-completely-honest-about-personal-stuff with the media is the best policy!

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