Christina Aguilera Like Van Gogh?

Contributed by JMAX:

has repeatedly called herself an artist, and recently compared herself to the legendary painter, Van Gogh. The first (and most obvious) error in this comparison is the fact that Van Gogh was a painter, Christina is a singer. But the real question is: Is Christina Aguilera an “artist” at all?

Christina can sing, there’s no question about that. But how does that make her an artist? Does she write her own lyrics? No. Does she write her own melodies? No. Does she play a musical instrument? No. Has she ever done anything original? No. So what does Christina do? She sings. Does she do anything “artistic” other than singing? Not really. A lot of people sing. So, does that mean that every singer is an artist like Van Gogh?

Christina has also claimed that singers like Britney Spears (and many others) are not artists. (I hate to bring Britney into this, but if I didn’t, someone else undoubtedly would have.) I’m NOT going to say that Britney is an artist either. Has Britney done anything original? No. But she is far more involved in her music by co-writing many of her lyrics and melodies. Whether or not you think her music is any good is all a matter of opinion (just like some people dislike Van Gogh’s work) and therefore irrelevant to the point I’m trying to make. Besides, Britney is not the one trying to compare herself to an artistic genius like Van Gogh.

So, is an artist? What are your thoughts?

(While this article does mention Britney, I would like to see you address Christina’s claims of being an artist, rather than making this yet another pathetic Britney vs. Christina discussion. I don’t want reasons why you think Christina is better or worse than Britney. I want to know if you think Christina is an artist.)

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12 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Like Van Gogh?

  1. getalifeyall says:

    Well, Van Gogh did cut off his ear and then commit suicide. Christina has cut off her breasts, got new ones and is in the process of committing career suicide, so yeah, I can see the comparisons.

  2. Cicero says:

    I think it’s far, far too premature for Christina to be dubbed a legendary artist — much less by herself. Time will tell. For now, she looks a little silly and big-headed. Let the girl grow up a bit more, let’s see some more writing talent, and in several years we’ll see where she is. The girl may very well make it as a Great. But she has a ways to go, so she shouldn’t get ahead of herself.

  3. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    UM, DUH!!! ART IS ART YOU HALF WIT! I don’t care if someone can’t write or play, if they can sing, then they qualify as an artist! This is an insult to me, and that is why I’m taking great offense! I’ve been singing and dancing since I was still in diapers! Are my lyrics any good? No! Are my melodies any good? I’ve been told that they’re fantastic by my professors…do I think they’re good? NO! Do I play an instrument? Most of them, actually, and will learn the rest in future methods classes. Does that mean I’m any good? Hell no…I know the basics and can find my way around any instrument! Does that make me less of an artist, cause I ONLY sing? FLIP NO! VOCAL ABILITY is a HUGE talent, and it takes a lot of skill and dedication! You have to give up a ton of stuff when you’re a true vocalist! (some of which I haven’t been able to…caffeine, chocolate, cheering at a concert or sporting event….. ALCOHOL…and I don’t plan on giving THAT up at all, so….. But I’ve given up everything else that isn’t good…..) Not everyone can sing….just look at Britney! Some people should stick to singing in the privacy of their showers, and forget about letting anyone hear them…. There are a ton of people out there who couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket even if they had assistance! They are awful…they can’t sing in tune, they change keys at random, they may be tone deaf and not HEAR that these are going on, or they may honestly be that bad…. Some people just don’t have what it takes to be a singer! You need any proof…hit a Karaoke bar this weekend….you’ll see and hear what I’m talking about! Sure, most of them are drunk and just out for a good time, but come on… can tell a lot by those performances!! Don’t tell me that singing isn’t an ART! When done right, it’s the most beautiful of them all! Now, to correct a few mistakes here…. Christina DOES write her own lyrics and melodies! HELLO!! And don’t give me this “CO-wrote” bull crap…. Name me ONE, just ONE songwriter who never collaborated with anyone even at least ONCE! Any song you hear on the radio….more than likely had more than one hand in the writing process! Now, I know there are exceptions to that, some songs out there ARE done by ONE…notice I never said “ALL SONGS” there… Writers like to bring others in to see what THEY bring to the table. Then there are those that may get stumped and call on someone to help them out a little bit! Just cause they get CO-writing credits doesn’t mean that they didn’t do anything. If you think that, you’re just naive! Is Christina an ARTIST? Absolutely! She’s using her music to express herself, what she was feeling at the particular time she wrote the song…regardless if they think it’s a hit or not. Some people only do stuff they think will be a hit…and THAT is where the art gets lost! Her voice is amazing, she uses her instrument well! And if you try to take something away from her that you know full well she did, then you’re just a piss ant who shouldn’t be voicing your opinion!

    You’re right, only time will tell…it is FAR too soon to know whether or not she’ll be legendary…. But she IS indeed an artist….THAT was the real question there!

  4. brostar2 says:

    JMAX You are so dumb!!!’, ‘Are you jealous or what…it is clear you do not like Christina or know nothing about her because she did write her own songs except 2 of the (Beautiful). And to answer your questions YES she is an artist…but my point is why does it matter so much to you…loser…man you haters amaze me…face it whether you like her or not she is here to stay!

    For all the Haters! I have noticed a trend with you haters… You are like Christina is bitter etc etc for what she said about Britney…well guess what…reality check…SO R ALL OF YOU…don’t talk if you do the same thing…heck you all act like you never say anything…wow I guess you are all perfect then…but if you were then you would not be human just GOD…so please just drop it…we all do the same things…for goodness sake she is going to be a 23 year old women…what are you all afraid of? Can’t someone express themselves like you are doing…or is it only ok for you to trash her but she has to keep her mouth shut…I just wish you knew she will never care what you have to say!! hahahahaha losers!

  5. Kizzardkid says:

    Okay JMAX is a hater, if he/she knew Christina, they would know that she did write most of “Stripped” even came up with the melodies and I will quote her producer when he said “She came up with the concepts, she wrote the lyrics, she helped composed the music” get the facts straight if you wanna write a stupid essay on Chris.

  6. minnie says:

    I’m with you brostar, Christina co-wrote the whole stripped album. if you want to criticize get your facts straight. also, art has many different forms and music is one.

  7. Madfan says:

    Van Gogh cut his ear and was unsuccessful in his lifetime.. Van Gogh cut his ear and was unsuccessful in his lifetime… If he’s X-Tina’s idol, then she must be feeling unsuccessful and probably has the tendency to hurt herself… I also very highly doubt that a person like Christina Aguilera will be familiar with ANY of his works.

  8. Cicero says:

    I have a question for you guys. This relates to Christina, but also to others, like Britney, and countless other singers. What does it mean to co-write something? I’m really curious. How substantial input does it take to co-write something? Is it easy to manipulate? That is, have the primary author say: “Cicero, you’re so talented. Listen, I need your advice. Should I write, ‘I miss you forever more,’ or ‘I miss you more and more’?” Then I pick one, and bam! I’m a co-author, even though I really didn’t do much. Or, I can suggest: “Yeah, baby, do it” as part of the background, or something. And wha-BAM! CO-AUTHOR CICERO IN THE HOUSE! And before y’all rip out my throat: I KNOW some artists are more involved than authors, really. I’m just asking a question about the biz.

  9. JMAX says:

    Damn, I’m sorry guys! Okay, I just checked and you guys are right, she did write most of her new songs. The moron I was talking to just before I wrote this told me she didn’t write any of her songs. So, I sincerely apologize for that mistake. But I still stand by the rest of what I said. Comparing her to an artistic genious like Van Gogh is completely wrong. And the fact that she said it about herself was even worse. And no, I’m not “jealous hater”. I am an ex-Christina fan.

  10. Lauren says:

    You are dumb. Christina is an artist and DOES write her own songs. She also produces her own albums…….. why don’t you check your facts before you write false information.

  11. Gina says:

    No. Christina is not an artist. She is a singer. She sings songs. That’s about it.
    An artist is someone who creates and designs original things. Christina has copied everything she’s done.

  12. lekatt says:

    Christina, at first, was a singer manufactured by music industry for imbecile fans (I mean Genie in a Bottle, What a Girl Wants, and more stupid songs like that). But her second album “Stripped” has been one of the greatest albums of 2000’s. Who cannot like the songs Beautiful, Walk Away, Fighter, Can’t Hold Us Down, The Voice Within? Her third album “Back to Basics” was.. ok, songs like Hurt, Oh Mother were masterpieces. But it’s all, she then became a huge flop, and only her ex-fans still love her. Conclusion? Let’s admit or not, she has been a pop singer, and pop means nothing but mundane, usual, popular, cheesy realm that has no quality. Not only Xtina is not an artist, but also all pop singers are no artists, at least I do thinks so.

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