Christina Aguilera Look-Alike Winner Sold Photo On eBay

The purpose of the Christina Look-A-Like Contest and Fanorama section is to allow fans to have fun by having an active involvement in some of the content on The winner of the 2003 Look-A-Like Contest Tara-Renee Simpson received an autographed photo from Christina as a SPECIAL UNANNOUNCED prize to thank the winner for participating. After learning that this autographed photo was sold on ebay by Tara-Renee, it seems appropriate to select another winner. The selling of the prize doesn’t seem to be in the same spirit of the contest and spirit in which the prize was given. A new winner will be announced and posted by 15, 2003. Please check back at Christina’s website.

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2 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Look-Alike Winner Sold Photo On eBay

  1. www-dirrty-rocks-it says:

    this is old news…lol popdirt just gets weaker and weaker… anyways, on the subject, so sweet of them to select another winner!

  2. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    Go to the site and look at the contestants. I almost died laughing when I saw the girl sitting in the middle of a bunch of pottery doing a genie pose. What a character…

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