Christina Aguilera & Mariah Carey Friendly, Britney Spears Rude

Contributed by Iceman:

In Switzerland they showed on the “viva” channel (like MTV of Switzerland or something) two interviews yesterday one with Christina Aguilera, one with one with Britney Spears.

The interview with Britney was recorded a few weeks ago in Rome. The Swiss VJ travelled to Italy to interview and she truly was so incredible nasty and so stuck up. Britney’s management told the VJ, that he is only allowed to do an interview of 7 minutes!

I saw it with my own eyes and I guess every viewer was shocked! The VJ was so nice to Britney made her compliments and she didn’t even recognize it. She had her foots on the table, when he asked her questions she always rolled her eyes, acted as if she would be so bored, when she gave answers she did it in such an incredible cold and nasty way.
“So I heard you are going to make a movie about your life”
Britney: “NO!” and nothing more.
Then he asked her if she has ever been to Switzerland and she was like: “Yes I have been there”, so he asked “where?” and she was like “I don’t know” and he goes “when have you been in Switzerland?” and she: “I don’ know”.
So he asked her “what did you think of the Swiss people” and Britney totally bored: “They are cool”.
Then he told her, that there is a song on her album, that he really likes, it has kind of Oriental influence and why she hat Oriental influence in her songs, so she goes like: “I think Oriental sound is very sexual, so that’s why!!!!”
It kept on like that he asked her: “So many artists, write their music on tour and write about their minds, where do you write your music?”
Britney: “In the studio or at home!”
VJ: “I heard your songs have not much to do with your life, so where do you get inspiration from to write songs, if you have never lived through what you write?”
Britney: “I get my inspiration from travelling around and seeing a lot of different people!”
VJ: “So what are your future plans?”
Britney: “I’m going on Tour”
VJ: “Are you coming to Switzerland?”
Britney: “Yes!”
VJ: “Thank you very much for the interview”
Britney stands up and walks away with her crew, she doesn’t even say goodbye or something. The whole channel was shocked, they said that now everybody saw how stuck up and nasty Britney really is and how success can change people!!!

After that they showed an interview with Mariah Carey. She wanted to have conditioned air blowing into her face and she wanted a sofa, where she could sit on. But then she was very friendly and funny. She talked about her song “Clown” and said that she has never dated 50 Cent and that it is hard for her to find a boyfriend, cause she doesn’t know who loves Mariah the star or Mariah for who she is! The channel thought, that she was very funny and friendly!

Then they showed an interview with Christina Aguilera, that was recorded a few months ago. Christina was so nice and talked so much and friendly. She said that she loves to go on tour and that she is so excited to tour through Europe and that she appreciates so much how the fans support her and go to her concerts and that she really wants to give them the best time ever and so on. The channel said Christina was so nice and friendly towards everybody and that she is a sweetheart!

I think that wasn’t very smart of Britney to talk that way IN FRONT OF CAMERAS, if someone writes, she is a nasty b*tch, still a lot of people wouldn’t believe her but yesterday evening so many people saw how stuck up and mean she is!

And Christina and Mariah showed how nice they are!

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11 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera & Mariah Carey Friendly, Britney Spears Rude

  1. Hotstar says:

    Sure….this a little hard to believe and even if it is true who cares….In every interview I have seen or read with Britney in the media she comes across extremely gracious and polite. I would be amazed if she chose Viva Switzerland to show her supposedly true bitchy side.

  2. babyphat67 says:

    Well, I can tell Iceman’s not biased.

  3. rangergirl says:

    I would have to see a copy of the TV “Viva” interview. Doesn’t sound like Britney. When the cameras are on she usually is polite. So, don’t know about this one.

  4. Iceman says:

    Well you don’t have to believe it, but it is true! People where shocked over here but I know it is hard for you guys to believe the truth! Haha, now we can see what Britney’s fans say, when it comes to the truth about their idol “yeah I’d have to see it” or “I don’t believe it”! Me and a lot of other people saw the interview and everybody was shocked, cause yes, even I have to admit, usually Britney acts as a nice Sweetheart in interviews!

  5. Hotstar says:

    Maybe we would believe if you proved it….I speak German. How about some links?

  6. LifeOrSomethingLikeIt says:

    We all have good days and we all have bad days, even celebs. I’ve heard interviews when they called Mariah, Christina, Avril, Madonna, and even Cher bitches. I know someone who met Justin and said he was a great guy, then someone else met him and called him an ass. So again, I ask what’s the point. Yeah, I’m a (new) Britney fan. I don’t think she’s this perfect little princess but I don’t think she’s a heinous bitch either.

  7. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    I’ve heard that she’s nice in most interviews, but in others she’s a total bitch. I think Britney had an off-day. Everybody has those. It’s one of those days when one just says “f**k the world” and acts pissed off. You aren’t perceived as being very friendly and people draw the conclusion that you’re rude and arrogant all the time.

  8. brostar2 says:

    Iceman whatever…This is not TRUE!!! I am a really big Christina Fan and even I know that this post is bull crap and Britney did not say half these things…in fact every post on popdirt is false…people do not believe this crap. You are making her sound really mean and that is not her…the same thing with Christin…they are all nice in fact…Like I said I am a big Christina fan but I also support Britney and I know this post is false in parts. So please just get a life iceman and at least put the right stuff…because she is not going to answer her questions all in one or two words.

  9. Iceman says:

    Go to and write them an E-mail. Ask them how the interview with Britney was

    When the interview is online one day, I’ll let you know

  10. Jillian says:

    Britney was being rude and Mariah and Christina were being nice?! Sounds like the end of the world is near…

  11. Kyle says:

    I found this interview online and this post you made is complete fabrication.

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