Christina Aguilera Movie Role Has To Be Just Right

Ben Rayner of the Toronto Star spoke with about her current tour with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, her “maturing sound”, the diva talk, movie plans, and trouble coming up with the word “guillotine”. On the subject of movies, Aguilera says, “I’m trying to buckle down for the right script, find it, ’cause it just has to be right. I’m not gonna half-ass it. I’d love to have that all in the works before I do my next album, hopefully, because that’s the next thing I haven’t done yet … The movie thing is kind of a puzzle right now because I know exactly the kind of character that’ll have to come to me. I know it’s gotta be unexpected and kinda different, maybe a little quirky. I tend to like the roles that Angelina Jolie plays because she’s not afraid to kinda take it there, to an outer limit, and push boundaries and kinda play someone who might be a little eccentric or kinda crazy.”

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One thought on “Christina Aguilera Movie Role Has To Be Just Right

  1. pimpjuice16 says:

    Christina isn’t a wannabe. if anything Britney is a wannabe because the movie thing where singers want to become actors has been going around for decades. like Diana Ross playing Billie Holiday and the many movies that Whitney Houston and Dolly Parton have been in. so in the end everyone’s a wannabe but it totally depends how talented the singer is at acting and there are only a few singers who can make the transition to acting.

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