Christina Aguilera Nabs Two Q Award Nominations

The Q Awards nominations have been handed out, and Coldplay is leading the pack with four nods. Pop acts up for awards include Christina Aguilera, who has two nominations, and Robbie Williams, who has one. Winners will be announced at a ceremony in London on October 2nd.

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9 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Nabs Two Q Award Nominations

  1. hellonearth says:

    Q? what are those? I thought Christina was no longer a “POP”singer. Well, regardless that’s great!

  2. Kizzardkid says:

    Congrats to Christina and Coldplay, but what are the Q’s?

  3. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    ·Best single – Christina Aguilera, Dirrty; White Stripes, 7 Nation Army; Muse, Time Is Running Out; Coldplay, Clocks; Electric Six, Danger, High Voltage. ·Best video – Electric Six, Gay Bar; Christina, Dirrty; Junior Senior, Move Your Feet; Coldplay, Scientist; Muse, Time Is Running Out. Wow, Q awards know what real music is and they take Christina’s music seriously just look at her contenders. She’s the only ‘pop’ act. :-P

  4. musikluver says:

    Coldplay should win… I like the song Dirrty but anybody could have done that song… cold play should win!

  5. GoingUnderr says:

    What is a Q award? See she only get’s nominated on unimportant awards!! LMAO! She has no respect.

    The Q awards are unimportant.. if it was why hasn’t many peeps heard of it? That’s right… uh huh LMAO!! White Stripes are crap even dough they come from the same country as me. Coldplay are stupid UK trash. Muse and Electric Six ehhh.. Tina has no respect! Noone respects her… some peeps only do so they can get into her pants. Yeah Tina should be honored to be in the same catergory as them, peeps with talent.. well LOADS more than her!

  6. jimmypee says:

    “unimportant”??? ROFLMFAO!!!! the BEST quote ever. look at who she’s nominated alongside. you can’t really get any MORE important. Q is the magazine where she first had her black hair on the cover earlier this year, in that themed photoshoot. WHAT an accomplishment this is!

  7. Revtone says:

    Typical. You all are just a bunch of teenyboppers not knowing what the Q awards is. The Q awards are based on the biggest European selling music magazine Q. And the Q awards are one of the most acclaimed awards in the Europe after the Brits (which are the Grammys of European music). They don’t just nominate you if you’re popular or if you’re the flavor of the moment. They nominate you for your music. But then again I’m sure you people have not heard of these bands nominated because you listen to Brittany Spears or Backstreet Boys. Actually I’m surprised Christina Aguilera’s nominated since they don’t usually nominate artists in her genre, I’m not a fan of her image but she did create her own music with her own lyrical style on Stripped regardless of what you might say.

  8. GoingUnderr says:

    ^You idiot. It is an unimportant award because it’s UK sh**. UK Trash Awards, well run by UK trash. European music roxors but not the Britain bull crap. Gosh! Christina gave them head to get nominated.. Gawd UK peeps are so low and easy. She didn’t create her own music!! damn you stupid!

  9. Revtone says:

    ^Oh what? So, those other groups such as Coldplay gave head? And she didn’t create her own music? So producing the songs, writing the songs and co-producing the album, means that she didn’t make her own music? I can honestly say that you are a poor dysfunctional psychopathical person. Please grow up and learn to think with a mature mind. You sound like a 7 year old who got denied of having a candy bar.

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