Christina Aguilera Named Crust-Busting Artist Of The Month

was named Crust-Busting™ Artist of the Month on ‘Crust-Busting Your Way to an Awesome Life!’ with Dr. Pat Baccili Exclusively on VoiceAmerica. “We’re excited to announce Christina Aguilera as the Crust-Busting Artist of the Month. Our global audience will be well served by knowing how the words of this vocalist is transforming the lives of our Crust-Busting listeners,” commented Tacy Trump, Executive Producer at VoiceAmerica. Tune in on Thursday morning, October 9th at 8:00 AM Pacific/11:00 Eastern Time on for the internationally syndicated radio show, ‘Crust Busting™ Your Way to an Awesome Life’, hosted by Dr. Pat Baccili. Tune in to listen to the music of Aguilera and to find out why our judges have selected the singer to receive this award.

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11 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Named Crust-Busting Artist Of The Month

  1. musikluver says:

    Maybe she will use that “crust-busting” plaque to bust away that crust in between her legs.

  2. amusicfanofsoul says:

    Cool. I like this line she used– The Stripped CD “showcases an unadorned, unfettered and fearlessly outspoken artist who has liberated herself, her soul and her music on an album that is as much a declaration of independence as it is a convincing demonstration of her fierce and original talent. Simply put, this is the real deal.” — and there really is no proven this chick wrong… I mean she has a Ph.D on this stuff!

  3. amusicfanofsoul says:

    Wow how unnecessary was that. are you trying to talk out words of a doctor? really get over yourself. oh who’s your favorite singer? to bad that person hasn’t won this!

  4. Kizzardkid says:

    That’s really cool, sounds like a joke kinda, but its cool, I think Christina’s music is all positive, so she deserves it.

  5. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    I think they should’ve used the phrase ‘crust busting’ a couple more times to REALLY get their point across.

  6. musikluver says:

    Well.. I searched the real meaning of crust-buster online it is a powerful, fast-acting formula that busts up unsightly lime and scale encrusted on a surface… I wonder if it will remove the 5 inch layer of make-up that’s on her face and body.. Christina you deserve the crust-buster! but make sure the give you the extra-strength! I have a feeling you will need it!

  7. justincaseyestwo says:

    OK, musikluver, I think YOU are talking about “Lime Away”. This must be one of those things where they have come up with a whole new meaning. Too tired to read the whole thing so I’ll read it tomorrow, um, actually later today

  8. GoingUnderr says:

    “Artist of the Month on ‘Crust-Busting Your Way to an Easy Life by sucking Dick” Wow, what an honor. “tune in tomorrow to find why our judges have selected the singer to receive this award” CoughCoughCough it’s so easy why…. To get the nod, and the win she gave a minor job. Doh! Total Skank!

  9. sexyxtina25 says:


  10. amusicfanofsoul says:

    How jealous can you get. are you jealous at the fact that she is more beautiful then you’ll ever be or more talented. you girls crack me up. you are all so jealous and can’t get over it. so when do you think you can get over your jealousy.

  11. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    Congrats. Christina deserves it, she certainly has an awesome life compared to what she had as a little girl (think I’m OK). And her lyrics inspire so many people..stripped is just an amazing record..Walk Away, Fighter, Beautiful, The Voice Within, Soar, Cruz and I’m OK are all songs with lots of meaning and many people can relate to them. I hope Christina will keep up the good work on her next record!!!! god that HAS to happen soon and not in 3 years.

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