Christina Aguilera Needs Help

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After years of being a fan, I have decided she has an extremely bad outlook on things. She recently said to Blender and Allure magazines nasty things about Britney Spears. She pointed out minor things, saying she needed the VMA 2003 publicity. And what Christina didn’t? Did she not kiss also? I though Christina was about female empowerment? Now I think of “X-Tina” has a recycled Spice Girl. I feel bad for Britney. She has done nothing but, she is always being picked on. I may glad for her album ‘In the Zone’s’ success. Already 3.4 million worldwide. I feel Britney is more genuine than Christina. I love both of their music, but Britney’s attitude is better. Christina better change her tune or I could picture a lot of fans being lost from both sides.

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10 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Needs Help

  1. Hotstar says:

    So true… I respect Xtina’s voice but her attitude and the fact that she always seems like a vile bitter human being keeps me from being a fan. Good for all the people like Britney who can appreciate their success without knocking other females and filling the stereotype about all successful females being b!tches. As for Christina well she will suffer for her behavior,,,, Karma is a b!tch.

  2. babyface0192 says:

    i like Christina I think the girl has a great voice but she is really starting to annoy me she starting to think she better then everyone else and with that attitude she will lot fans she needs to stop saying ***** bout Britney ok she don’t like her or whatever but its start to get annoying and yea she kissed Madonna so I guess if she said Britney need the publicity so did she

  3. rangergirl says:

    Both girls could use help in different areas. Chris needs to appreciate what she has. It was not necessary to personally attack Britney. Critics and others have criticized many things about Brit: including her pointless music,lipsyncing and crappy performance SO there was no need for Chris to go there. If she thinks so little of Brit’s talent Chris should have politely declined to be on stage with her.

  4. thedirrtyone says:

    They way I see it is Christina entered the VMA 2003 performance late, the kiss was already planned, therefore she had to go along with the plan Britney and Madonna had already come up with for publicity. Christina is the superior artist. Christina only points out what is true but no one dares to say. It was only after Christina made the lip syncing remark that other comedians made more fun of Britney and her continues disrespect for her fans by not singing live.

  5. Xandrew88 says:

    I agree one hundred percent. Christina may have the voice, but that’s all she has. Britney has the whole package. Personality, performing, dancing, music, acting, etc.

  6. dyin2bfamous says:

    One artificle you have a Christina fan pretending to be a Britney fan saying goodbye to Brit. Here you have a Britney fan pretending to be a Christina fan saying she’s lost faith in Xtina. Just stop the madness.

  7. breez says:

    Oh give me a goddamn break. So Christina had an opinion on Britney and voiced it, so now she needs help? Let’s not even consider that what she said was true, right? Because you all know it was. And to the idiots that said Britney’s got the package (personality ect) you are on drugs. Britney is immature, shallow, eager-to-please, passive and not to mention the dumbest popstar out there (did she GO to school or what?) Christina is the one with a backbone. She doesn’t care what you think – she’s going to voice her opinions. Too bad you’re all getting so upset about it.

  8. rangergirl says:

    ^Also, they both idolize Madonna WAY TOO MUCH. Mad. is a media ho & copied many….’, ‘Madonna has copied many styles from the 1940’s & 50’s: including Marilyn Monroe (down to the fake mole Madonna had back in the 80’s) and Marlene Dietrich and Bettie Page (remember Madonna’s pointy bra faze that was a Page thing). It’s ok to borrow or to be inspired by these people But Madonna tries to carry if off as if she was the original or “REINVENTS” herself. She really just capitalizes on trends.

  9. foxina says:

    The kiss between Madonna and Britney was more focused on in the media than the kiss between Madonna and Christina because its obvious that the kiss between Madonna and Christina was more so expected than to be a shocker. I don’t think that Christina can continue to top herself after shedding her clothes on video, on award shows, her incredibly bad fashion, etc.

  10. BritneyFantasy says:


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