Christina Aguilera & Nelly Team Up On ‘Tilt ‘Cha Head Back’

Contributed anonymously:

I had the opportunity of hearing a new song ‘Tilt ‘Cha Head Back’ with Nelly featuring on the radio this morning on 103.7 Kiss FM in Milwaukee. The song is very reminiscent of and Ja Rule’s ‘I’m Real’ (remix). Christina isn’t just singing the hook. It’s a duet like ‘Southside’ by Lloyd and Ashanti. Her vocals are amazing, and at one point during the song she hits this incredible high note. The song is upbeat, but it’s got a nice vibe to it. The song is about the 2 of them wanting each other so badly, and all the freaky things they’d do to one another. The chorus is insinuating Christina orally pleasing him and vice versa. It’s a fun song, and I don’t really like Christina or Nelly for that matter, but this song is great.

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