Christina Aguilera: Now & Then

‘Access Hollywood’ provided a ‘Now & Then’ look at as Disney readies their new DVD called ‘Mickey Mouse Club: The Best of Britney, Justin and Christina’, which hits stores July 12th.

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6 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera: Now & Then

  1. popfan_23 says:

    Those pictures are out of order, and there’s no middle pictures, it looks like she just went from 13 to 23

  2. RobScott says:

    lol What do you expect? Half their journalists are either drunks or on coke.

  3. GuardDiva16 says:

    Honestly I think Christina’s face looks plastic in those pictures when she’s older. She’s TOO orange.

  4. Vanity87 says:

    Christina has always been so pretty!

  5. Babar says:

    Now there’s something you don’t see everyday. She was really cute even back then.

  6. Britney_rocks says:

    You call Penciled in eyebrows pretty? She has to wear tons of make up. That’s not’, ‘natural. That’s just nasty.

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