Christina Aguilera- Opinionated Or A Hypocrite?

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For people who are totally in love with Aguilera supposed “artistry” and ‘writing-skills”, may I pose a question – Does she really mean what she sings about..

In ‘Beautiful’ — “you are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can’t bring you down”– but correct me if I am wrong but her words are clearly all about bringing down Pink, Britney Spears, Kelly Osbourne, Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles and now Madonna.

In ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ — “this is for my girls around the world.” Obviously, she has more problems with women than she does with men. She has the most unkind things to say to her female peers.

In ‘A Voice Within’ — eh.., need I say more? I think she has provoked more fights than she ever did any peace-making.

Now, what do you fans think? That little Aguilera who is all “real” , and all “honest” is all about expressing herself and writing such utopian lyrics – where else she lives like a war-monger? Maybe her next single should be, ‘All Women Are My Sisters’. Sorry .. for Aguilera, sisters are spelled as “sistas.”

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10 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera- Opinionated Or A Hypocrite?

  1. mikemc says:

    I don’t know what Christina’s problem is! She is a talented woman, but all these constant feuds she is stirring up are making her look like a jealous hypocrite. She needs to chill, Beyonce and Britney have never said anything bad about her, yet she feels she has the right to call them “fake” and “not artists”. Christina needs to get off her high horse and realize she IS NOT the best singer in the world, she isn’t the first female to go against her record label and be sexy (HELLO, Mariah did that YEARS ago). She isn’t the first woman to write a song, she isn’t the first woman to be outspoken. I like Christina, but stuff like that makes me wonder who “real” she actually is, with all her constant speaking about woman got to stick together, yet she’s the first woman to be feuding with practically every female out there right now. Christina should take a slice of something I like to call “Humble Pie”.

  2. KeysGurl305 says:

    Christina may have a good voice but she’s no different than the rest. she is a hypocrite and she’s just as fake!

  3. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Right on. Teach what you preach, Christina. I once had respect for her and how she handled the Kelly situation, but now I see she’s no better. She’s just as malicious as Kelly, and all her backstabbing friends and classmates!Makes me think she deserves all she’s gone through. and lmao, she wants to be an ‘artist’ now, huh? Suddenly being a performer doesn’t suit her when just a while ago she was going on about how she wants to be an all around entertainer. And if she is indeed the ‘artist’ she talks on about being, why is she whining that the general public made it seem like she was never even on stage on VMA night, during the whole kiss? She sings about unity between women, but then she goes and starts all this drama. And she wonders why the media continues to focus on the Britney vs. Christina thing, well someone should tell her pompous ass that she’s the one fueling the fire.

  4. ballersfantasy says:

    I feel what you’re saying. Not only that, ‘Fighter’ was a complete rip off of the Beyonce written song ‘Survivor.’ I guess all the copying didn’t work since ‘Survivor’ was way more successful. Also, ‘The Voice Within’ was a complete rip off of Mariah’s ‘Hero.’ She even went so far as to using Mariah’s line- “No one reaches out a hand for you to hold.” Too bad nobody reached out to ‘The Voice Within.’ No matter how good Christina sings, or anyone else for that matter, she will never ever top ‘Hero.’

  5. hotstuff says:

    I’m over it. if that’s her MO than that’s her mo. nobody’s stopping her, and while she may feel good for about 2 seconds its slowly damaging her rep as an artist and a person even more.

  6. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Does anyone else find it a little sad that for an article that is supposed to be profiling Christina as their “woman of the year”, she spends 2/3 of the article discussing Britney? When Britney gets a magazine cover she doesn’t spend half an article discussing Christina. It really instills who is more important in Pop Culture, huh?

  7. grace_04 says:

    Everyone will hate on Christina if she keeps having feuds with other popular artists. She is going to loose fans. She needs to keep her mouth shut about other artists. Its ridiculous how she insults them. She should just keep doing her thing and don’t mind other peoples business.

  8. ballersfantasy says:

    Also, I thought it was cool and all when Christina, my bad “X-Tina,” came back out with her new image. I understand people change and in this business you have to keep re-inventing yourself if you wanna stay alive, but there’s something about they way she’s approached it that seems so fake. Has anybody noticed her voice has changed? She went from talking all cute and innocent- sounding almost like an airhead- to talking street talk and sounding all ghetto. It’s just not her. I respect and like her as a singer, but I’m starting to not like her as a person. She’s fraud and talks about people for attention. I believe Kelly Osbourne said it best: “If Christina Aguilera has to resort to throwing darts at my head after everything she’s achieved and everything she’s done, then she’s a really sad, sorry person.”

    She said in an interview…”It might sound arrogant, but I don’t need her (Madonna’s) support.” She explained, “I still admire her today for what she has achieved. I’d like to have a career like her: sing, act, become a mother someday – however, with one difference – I would like to be successful as an actress, too!”

  9. JMAX says:

    *Applause* So true. It’s been said a hundred times – there’s a difference between being honest, and being a complete bitch! But really, Xtina’s just a hypocritical woman. Christina talks about love and respect, but doesn’t show love or respect. She talks about how “hurtful” it is when people say things about her, then she says crap about others. Now she’s hating on others for acting one way in their interviews, then acting another way on their albums and in photo shoots… Wait. What? Run that by me again… SHE’S BASHING OTHERS FOR BEING HYPOCRITICAL!?! Christina says one thing, then does other – that’s the very definition of a hypocrite. Plus, she always shows love for Britney when they’re together, then says stuff behind her back. So… Christina is a hypocrite AND a backstabbing two-face.

  10. PRdiva03 says:

    I had ONE HELL of a post ready for this but y’all already took the words right out of my mouth so I’m not even gonna push it,for now.But one thing I find funny is that there are NO Christina fans here defending her.Why?Simple,they know that everything being said here it’s true.They have no chance trying to prove this wrong.Now if this were written about Britney they would be eating it all up,I could already see Xtina-Dirrty and her 1000000000 clones calling her a whore, bitch and all that.So I guess Christina isn’t the only hypocrite here,at least she won’t feel alone now.

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