Christina Aguilera Or Britney Spears?

Many people here have said that Christina Aguilera is a “B-list” celebrity, I’m assuming, basing their opinion on how often her personal life ends up getting splashed on the front cover of Us Weekly magazine. True, on her persona alone, Christina is unpopular and undesired. Her image may be infamous but her songs are how her career thrives. On a similar note… is extremely popular on her persona alone and this is how her career thrives. Of what little attention is actually paid to what’s really important, her music, cannot be credited to her in the least bit. That credit belongs to the producers, voice enhancers, songwriters and everyone else in-between. On the other hand, Christina is not just a vocalist. She co-wrote and co-produced “Stripped.” Taking part in composing and producing the vocals on 98% of the tracks. Britney has the popularity, Christina has the credibility. Credibility can solidify an artists’ career, popularity can’t as it is extremely fickle. Making Christina’s’ chances of having a long, steady successful stay much higher than Britney’s – at least at the moment.

On a side note, anyone can argue Christina is a B-list CELEBRITY. But she’s an A-list ARTIST to Britney’s F-list artist.

Fans of both entertainers say that they’re great performers. As far as Britney is concerned – I think she mainly presents the material. I would say she “performs” but not singing your own material takes away from any performer. Dancing is no cover up. At most she moves her hands and legs stiffly and wildly like a robot while her back-up dancers are the truly talented people on stage. It’s the extravagance she doesn’t pay for that that can give the illusion she is the person making the concert exciting. No, it’s the special effects.
Top that off will about 95% of the reviews being horrible….Christina not only sang every song live, but interacted with the crowd, remained energetic for the entire 90 minute set, spent much less on the production of her show in comparison to Britney, but got great reviews for both her US and European leg of the Stripped tour.

Misc: “I’m A Slave 4 U” from what Britney said, is about “being a slave to the music.” “Dirrty” is a female response to Redman’s “Let’s Get Dirty” according to Christina. Britney’s song still retains pop in it, Christina’s’ is much more hip-hop. It doesn’t make any sense when people therefore say “Dirrty” is a knock-off of “I’m A Slave 4 You” they’re nothing alike. Christina’s canceled tour was in support of a 2 yr old album. A tour in which would be similar to the Justified/Stripped concerts with soul used as a bit of edge. Most Christina fans seen her in the summer of 2003 and would rather have her make another album then tour again, so of course no one would bother to pay $80 to see her AGAIN. Wait until she releases a new album and does another world tour, then whether she has the ability to fill seats can be determined.

Yea I know most of what I said was either posted on popdirt or said in the commentary sections but oh well. It’s all my opinion; no one can ever say one is “better” than the other but we can say we prefer one of the other, which is what I just did. :-)

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5 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Or Britney Spears?

  1. kyle berchisty says:

    I love Britney to death she’s the best dancer of all time and I love her innocent looks I’ll die for her. She’s a good mother too.

  2. Gorkem says:

    Britney has popularity because she has success and credibility.. Her popularity is the result of it.. She took the world by storm with Baby one more time and Oops albums and immediately became the queen.. That’s why media pays attention to her.. She has sold over 85 millions, had 4 mega tours, chosen as the biggest star on earth by Forbes, has 4 consecutive #1 albums and she’s the biggest performer.. What can she do more?? After this huge success it’s normal for Britney to be such popular.. Don’t be jealous of Britney..

  3. Rob says:

    This so old but anyways, Britney Spears may not possess any of the natural talent that Christina Aguilera does but the people handling her career at one time were doing a much better job of picking her music and prepping her image. Christina Aguilera could have the credibility AND the popularity if she had better songs to sing, most of her album filler and many of her singles are really really bad and the production is crap. Maybe her new “eclectic” taste she says she has will help her on her new album.

  4. Lola says:

    Unlike Britney, Christina HAS TALENT, she can sing/dance/act. Britney take notes.

  5. ok says:

    Talent or not Christina Aguilera does not or will ever possess the likeability,the IT FACTOR,beauty,body,sexiness, that Britney Spears has.Britney continues to rein supreme regardless of Christina Aguilera’s singing.Britney does everything better.Christina Aguilera has done the Voice that’s it her albums have sucked one after the other.Christina Aguilera has not even changed her look for soo long that whenever I look up Marilyn Monroe she pops up under top wannabe.The delusional Christina Aguilera will never be Marilyn Monroe.Just face it Britney will always be loved by the public better she has an amazing charm,beauty that people like and Christina Aguilera has a nastiness not only in attitude but her features are soo harsh and ugly that she’s a turnoff.In the Voice show has gained more popularity when they have Shakira and Usher than when the fake Christina is on.

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