Christina Aguilera Phones Into ‘TRL’

phoned into MTV’s ‘Total Request Live’ on Thursday to break the news that she’s had to cancel her tour with Chingy due to problems with her vocal chords. Since her latest album ‘Stripped’ has been out for two years, she won’t be rescheduling and instead will be working on a follow-up. Read on for a rough transcript.

Damien: On the phone, one of the “TRL” gaveries, she has been with us since the beginning it’s ms. Christina Aguilera. What’s up?

Christina: Hi. Can you hear me?

Damien: I can hear you.

Christina: Okay. Good.

Damien: Your voice sounds a little breaken up. Some late-breaking news. I have only heard vague interpretations of what’s wrong. What’s the deal?

Christina: Yeah. Well, you know, you mentioned my voice. Actually it has to do with my voice. Unfortunately, you know, I’m calling in to break the news that because of the press and everything has so much drama and might try to misconstrue everything, and I’m letting you hear it from my mouth first. Due to doctor’s orders I have to cancel my summer tour. You know, due to the vocal strain I have been having lately. And it just needs some rest, so unfortunately, i have to cancel my summer tour. But really look forward to getting back out there and using this time to write for my next record, which I’m very excited about.

Damien: We’re excited too. And now, has this been an ongoing problem? Have you dealt with this in the past and it’s accumulated into a bigger problem?

Christina: I was doing some press earlier, some radio press, about, you know, this tour upcoming and being excited, because this is a different theme. I have grown into dafrpt artist again. Again this will make it even bigger an better just because I’ll have the time to get the things right right for tour or whatnot. But, no, I have had vocal strain in the past. Because i do sing live, but i just got off of the tour, basically. On top of the world tour, and so I’m going to do this summer thing as a fun thing and I have a great show planned. But, you know, just came up. I was recording some vocals in the studio, and unfortunately i strained a couple chords. So, you know, I time to get better and it will make the future show to coincide with the next album coming up, which I’m very excited about. A whole different ball game, different thing. Give me time to write it and record it and get back on my feet an fully energized an ready for everybody.

Damien: You did an amazing job. I think you’ll be applauded too for the justified an stripped tour. Did an amazing show with justin not too long ago. That was really great. What about rescheduling the tour? Are we going to reschedule? Is there any idea yet or is it too early?

Christina: Well, this tour basically was, you know, you know, it’s pretty
much a 2-year-old record at this point and we were kind of reinventing the stripped album. I have been flirting with the 1930’s vibe, which the next album is a whole different vibe and new image. It will be really fun. We’ll start with that idea with tour, but I think now that, you know, these vocal strain has come up and whatnot, I’m going to take a minute, give my voice a rest and concentrate on making the next move, the biggest and the best yet.

Damien: The good news is you’re not going to miss the season finale of “friends.”

Christina: I’m — well, i guess so, huh?

Damien: Feel better, drink some tea, some honey or something and nurse that throat. We appreciate you calling in.

Christina: Thank you so much. Thank you.

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