Christina Aguilera Picnics At Brentwood Baseball Park

enjoying a day at a baseball park in Brentwood, California on Sunday (August 21). The singer was joined by her brother Mikey, fiance Jordan Bratman, and her two beloved dogs at a baseball field for a picnic. Aguilera brought along Heineken beer, apparently in violation of local open container laws, and a small digital camera.

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10 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Picnics At Brentwood Baseball Park

  1. malibu says:

    she doesn’t look bad, I just wish she wasn’t so ‘Paris Hilton’ blonde! shes too pretty to try to look trashy like that! she looks like shes slimmed down a bit too.

  2. Pheobe says:

    Christina always has been and always will be trash, personified. Thank the lawd, her and Britney’s careers are over.

  3. Starlet01 says:

    I agree, she should dye her hair a medium- dark brownish red or something.

    I agree that she has lost a bit of weight & she does look WAY better than Britney.

    Christina’s career is far from being over but, I’m sure Britney’s career is over.

  4. GuiltyPleasures says:

    Pheb’s you’re back!!’, ‘This site hasn’t changed a bit, same ole crap day after day after day. I don’t know about Christina being trash, personally I don’t think a person should be called trash. But Chrissy and Brit’s careers have been lacking lately. The last few singles released by them have tanked.

  5. Pheobe says:

    They’re careers aren’t lacking, THEY’RE OVER!!!’, ‘Good riddance to both them. And Christina is TRASH, she’s the very definition of the word. She’s like Ashlee Simpson, there isn’t 1 thing attractive about either of them. Gawd the music industry sucks these days.

  6. rlrlrl says:

    well the music industry does suck, but our beloved Christina is the one bright spot.

    insecure about what!? her hot body or her flawless face? maybe your the insecure one.
    Britney is over though

  7. Lava33 says:

    As of now, people are like “Christina who”? At least Brit Brit is still in the news.

  8. blatina says:

    lol, if her face is flawless then why is she wearing 10 pounds of make up dumbass? I take it you haven’t seen her without make-up. She looks like a troll either way. Except she looks like a hooker troll with her make up.

  9. WaneInTheZone says:

    Who the hell wears layered makeup, and hair extensions to the park? And who drinks beer straight out of the bottle at a park, that’s lowlife. Why do her fans blab on and on about how beautiful she is, nothings real on her. The girl paints on her face every morning, clips in weaves or throws a wig on. And her boobs are store-bought. She’s incredible short, and her stature is terrible. When she walks she looks like she’s been riding horseback her entire life. Christina’s a sway-back broad.

  10. popdirt says:

    Listen dumbass, just because someone LIKES (RO)’, ‘wearing lots of make-up, etc, doesn’t mean that they are insecure or are a low-life. I know lots of people that wear loads of make-up and are FAR from insecure or low-lifes. Grow up buddy. And I know u didn’t say anything about drinking beer straight from a bottle at the park. That sounds like my family reunion. LOTS of people do that. Once again, grow up.

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