Christina Aguilera Proud Of ‘Slag’ Label

The Sun reports that has defended her raunchy image, saying she is happy to be labelled a “slag” (British term for “slut”). “I’m a successful 22-year-old woman. If people want to insult me, let them,” she said. “Call me a slag. If being a slag means being a strong woman, I’ll gladly be that.”

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10 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Proud Of ‘Slag’ Label

  1. HoneyRain says:

    ROUND TWO *ding* *ding* *ding* haters Come On In! lmao

  2. Kizzardkid says:

    Right on sister girl, you tell them, you kick ass girl.

  3. Britney4ever says:

    what a slut, slag, b*tch, whore skank!!!! She said that she is happy! Just for you Christina! :)

  4. rachel says:

    haha did you read the entire article, it was so funny when they said “yeah right” at the end. Christina is awesome but we should decide if she is as strong as Madonna and Marilyn combined in about 20 years. Right now she is fairly new, no one knows what is ahead for her.

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Britney4ever finally showed her true colors after she got busted. LMAO CHRISTINA AGUILERA= THE PRINCESS DIANA OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY.

    again!! I’ve never dissed Xtina!!! If she looks good in some pics I say she looks good, if she doesn’t I say she doesn’t, that’s all!!! I’ve never called her slut, never” GOTCHA, B!TCH! Britney4ever Thanks for proving my point, you are the biggest liar on this site. She dissed Christina more than 4 times, she called her skank, ugly etc…

  6. rachel says:

    okay Britney4ever, what the h*ll? Is this the kind of immatureness you were calling Christina Fans? Oh why don’t you go back to thread before where you keep insisting that ” I never diss tina”. Now you should understand why people call you a hypocrite.

  7. Britney4ever says:

    it was a joke :( you’re so *****ing touchy! Xtina-Dirt …. And you got my nerves when I wrote these things about Xtina, but I don’t think she really is!

  8. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Britney4ever But you still lied, damn are you really that slow? Also, that was a lame excuse. Awww, you got busted? LMAO

  9. Britney4ever says:

    you are pathetic Christina Dirrty, you took ur time to find this, you are worried about this….how SAD! LMAO and I’m not a hater, I like Xtina, I just hate SOME of her fans! In this site almost all her fans! KIDS!

  10. rachel says:

    okay this is my point, to me this is all fun and games so you should feel free to bash Xtina. I just don’t like how you always deny that you have never said anything bad about her. I diss Britney all the time you know that, I don’t like her as an artist but I don’t hate her in the extent of things on here. I don’t take things on here that seriously. I just feel you should be able to bash Xtina, and admit that yeah maybe “you think her music is cool” but you like Britney better.

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