Christina Aguilera Proves She’s No Fake In Australia

Paul Cashmere of reviewed Christina Aguilera’s concert at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. He says, “When Madonna ‘passed the baton’ at the MTV Awards she passed it to the wrong one. Christina has the potential longevity as she grows and evolves and moves forward, unafraid of hiding behind her public image.”

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10 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Proves She’s No Fake In Australia

  1. Jm83 says:

    This is obviously a Christina site..good for her!

  2. ash6969 says:

    Not fake? Obviously they’re not referring to her breasts!

  3. Madfan says:

    But the point is: Aguilera will ALWAYS be BELOW Britney. Good & right choice, Madonna

  4. Souldecision says:

    We all know Christina is the best, all around the world she has succeed this year, go Xtina!

  5. Hotstar says:

    Damn how many of these dammed Australian Christina tour reviews are going to be posted on here, it is old, this is the 4th one. But good for her, either way.

  6. Cruiseblue1 says:

    I’m afraid I would have to agree with this article. Christina ISN’T afraid of hiding behind her public image. She is real. And I just can’t say enough. Good for Christina.

  7. Maddfan says:

    Yay. Christina rocks Melbourne. Damn, there are so many good reviews. I can’t believe how Christina’s concert would bring such media frenzy. All thanks to Christina’s voice. Unlike someone who sings like a choking rat.

  8. rangergirl says:

    Many artists sometimes get fake boobs or tan BUT It’s the SINCERITY that counts.

  9. Jive says:

    Obviously he gave her a great review since it’s a concert and her performing with no clothes on. Dream within a dream tour was rated high too but it came bad in the end.

  10. tazzsgirl says:

    I am sorry.Madonna did not pass on any baton. That’s hers and nobody else’s (there is only one Madonna). Christina has a few more years to be the Queen of Pop(trust me she will be Queen) Britney has no talent for potential longevity.Shes a fad.Just like the Spice Girls were. Anyway kudos to Christina as always she never disappoints. See Boys and Girls.You need more than Album sales to stay on top.

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