Christina Aguilera Puts Pop Contemporary Spears To Shame

Cameron Adams of The Herald Sun reviewed Christina Aguilera’s sold-out show at Rod Laver Arena on Thursday night (December 11). Adams praised Aguilera while slamming in the review saying, “There’s no miming, no complaining about trying to sing and dance at the same time and no baulking from the high notes.” Adams added, “It’s now almost ridiculous to think Aguilera was seen as the poor man’s Britney, especially when Aguilera breaks into a spine-tingling cover version of Etta James’ ‘At Last’. You can’t imagine Spears could even name an Etta James song, let alone sing one.”

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11 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Puts Pop Contemporary Spears To Shame

  1. FuturePast says:

    Actually, she dances quite well, and is good enough to do back flips.

  2. Danisha says:

    It’s not uncommon for writers to really start heaping on even more praise for great artists who are nominated for Grammys right after the nominations have been announced. This is great for Xtina. We all know she’s been getting great reviews for her live shows, but you will now see more and more articles praising her voice and empowering, personal songs and predicting yet ANOTHER Grammy win. Grammy experts, journalists, fans, semi-fans, and even some haters are all in agreement that she’s a lock to win the Best Female Pop Vocal category at the Grammys.

  3. outrageous4u says:

    look at vocalist like Mariah, Whitney, etc-they are not even popular anymore… entertainers like Janet, Michael, Madonna, etc they are the ones that last you have to have more than a voice to make it!

  4. babet says:

    Christina is on her way on becoming a legend. nobody out there can surpass her vocal abilities. not Whitney…….not Mariah…..(well maybe her if she stops whispering all the time)….but anybody else?? no. Britney is NO competition. I guess somebody else just fell into Christina’s shadow… not fell….tripped.

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Adams praised Aguilera while slamming Britney Spears in the review saying, “There’s no miming, no complaining about trying to sing and dance at the same time and no baulking from the high notes’ ‘You can’t imagine Spears could even name an Etta James song, let alone sing one’ See Britney fans? Christina’s the real deal.

  6. nikechild19 says:

    Everyone knows Christina has a better voice… but fact remains its a really annoying voice lol. Christina’s really up her own ass… and so is Britney but at least Britney tries to pretend she’s not.

  7. iLoveAdamBrody says:

    I was so upset when I wasn’t able to go to the justified and stripped tour! I had tickets and everything but the tour date moved up and the concert was the day right before my first day of school. so I didn’t get to see Christina but hearing these reviews makes me happy for her! she deserves it!

  8. blondeambiti0n says:

    Okay, idiots. NO ONE denies the fact that Christina can sing better than Britney. We’ve heard it, accepted it, it’s a given, now let’s move on. Why must you all feel the need to rub that in a Britney fan’s face when I’m sure they know that Christina has the best vocal ability? And this isn’t my “excuse”. It’s a fact. You guys act act like Christina is God’s gift to music, yeah right. And to the person who said Mariah Carey isn’t a better singer than Christina, you’re living in a dream world. Mariah Carey is still the best singer in the business. She’s got the best sound, range, ability, all that. She’s a great songwriter too. Christina is just a pretty girl that can sing well. She’s nothing compared to Mariah. She’s still got a while to go before she hits Mariah status…..I doubt that will ever happen. Now back to Britney. It’s old news that Britney isn’t the best singer. WE KNOW THAT. BUT regardless of that, she can hold a note and she’s got a unique voice. She almost never sings live while she’s dancing, we know that too. But when she sits down to sing her ballads, there’s no lipsynching there. That is 100% her, and she sounds good. So, why don’t all of you Christina fans grow up, and stop acting like your’re in the 3rd grade. We should be past this “I’m better than you!” phase.

  9. Xtina_Dirrty says:

    Christina’s is way below Whitney, Mariah, Celine, and many others, I think that tumor is messing with your brain functions again, reinsert the feeding tube boys

  10. iLoveAdamBrody says:

    I like Christina and Brit the same but Britney has always been my favorite! and I agree with you 100% she does have a unique voice and I love how she sings on Everytime. but you Christina fans take it a little out of control when something about Britney comes up. if you really hate her that much then stop writing about her. I mean if you honestly think she is gonna read what you write then you should stop living in a dreamworld and start facing reality!

  11. single_female_lawyer says:

    oh shoot Britney just got told. for real that Etta James cover is mind blowing especially if you saw it live. shoot her voice just blew the roof off and you couldn’t do anything but just stand there in amazement :) for real that girl is a living legend you may thing she is a b1tch and a ho and junk but there is no denying her skills as a singer. Go Christina I luv ya girl!

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