Christina Aguilera Renegs, Britney Spears Keeps It Real

Contributed Anonymously:

is a hypocrite? Britney is a slut? Trash? Fat? Over? These questions would not sound so bizarre if they were not coming from raving fans. Let us have a little recap of the “Dirrty” one’s image resume. Christina swapped all of her clothes for a faux ghetto accent, suddenly developed gargantuan-sized breasts, gained approximately 15 pounds, and sucks face with every female soft-core porn star in Hollywood. How does she not fit those crass accusations placed on Ms. Spears?

The whole point of the “Stripped” album, according to Aguilera, was to show her stripped down to her emotional core as a means of revealing her true self. She consistently made retorts about not caring what critics think about her and her music. Am I the only one who has been paying attention to how she has been pandering to critics with both her style of music and dress?

Britney has never changed. Her music has evolved without the need to generically jump from genre to genre, collaboration to collaboration, just to get radio play. She smokes, she goes without make up and does what she wants without straightening up her posture for the sneaky photographers.

Christina on the other hand has pulled one on Hollywood by stuffing herself in Robert Cavalli dresses, curling her hair M. Monroe tight and pretending she knows the first thing about being a blues singer. Call Britney whatever you want, but realize that whatever it is she keeps getting caught in public smoking… Christina is probably the one that passed it to her.

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