Christina Aguilera Reportedly Booed In Dresden

A fan writes on Christina Aguilera’s Xposed forum that the singer was booed at a concert in Dresden, Germany after she was an hour late to her performance, and didn’t apologize to fans for her tardiness, instead went right into her performance of ‘Dirrty’. DarkXtina writes, “Many people were booing and left the concert.”

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4 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera Reportedly Booed In Dresden

  1. tricky2_sg says:

    Poor fans! They left and didn’t even get to see the rest of the show! I would have stayed…if they were Christina’s REAL fans, they would have stayed! – Sarena

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    I think that’s so sad how artist sometimes don’t bathe their fans in concerts, etc. with the notice and attention they deserve. I know they are human and all, but how can they pass by the people that have given them the money to buy the expensive $1,000 dollar dress they are showing off on the carpet, and the status to be praised as the artist they are to begin with? I can understand if they were just casually walking towards a radio station or something and all these fans were there, and they didn’t want to for some reason because of time and schedule. But if the artist were aware that fans have been waiting hours and even days to meet them, there is no excuse to just pass them by as if they are dirt under their expensive shoes. That’s just a shame that an artist can’t just give a little credit to the people that made them who they are today.

  3. rachel says:

    she should have apologized, I would have booed her too. Damn if you an hour late, you gotta give a reason :@

  4. dirrtyj says:

    whatever, what people don’t realize is that she is not in complete control of her schedule and us fans we are not the people that need attention! they became entertainers because they want the attention. those people need to b grateful they got a show at all! if they were real fans they would have stayed and waited and understood that it is not HER fault. maybe managements fault but not hers. any way bottom line I love Christina she is the tops and I would wait in pouring rain to see her ass in concert if I had to so those foreign haters can kiss my ass. – Josh

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